vacation knitting

I’m in Buffalo.  I brought my children and my knitting.   I’m having trouble getting my pictures to do as I tell them, but here goes.

Giants Hat:


Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Cascade 220 (100% wool).
Needles: US 5, 16″ bamboo circ. and bamboo dpns; US 4 dpns for lining.
Started: Sept. 17, 2006.
Finished: A few days later.

I’d been thinking about making my husband a Giants hat for a while.  When they played the Eagles a couple of weeks ago I cast on sometime during the first half and well on my way to finishing when they overcame a 17 point deficit in the fourth quarter to win.   Since then, I finished similar hats for Jerry and the Mag, too.  I will not be making one for myself.  The yarn is almost used up, and frankly, I don’t want one.

That doesn’t mean I’m done making sports-themed hats.  Turns out that everyone likes them.  My dad and brother have put in requests for Bills hats.  I say, buy me the yarn and I’ll make you the hat.  Turns out I really am a process knitter.
So I planned it like this:  I drew a chart of the NY design and made it wide enough that I could use it four times around the circumference of the hat.  I cast on and knitted that border design (by the seat of my pants, if you must know) then started my chart (also by the seat of my pants) then started decreasing (by the seat…you know).  Once I had the body of the hat done, I picked up stitches from the back loops of my cast on row and knit a lining.  I decreased some stitches.  I sewed down the live stitches on the inside using a sharp needle.  It was all very willy nilly.  Gerald loves his hat.

Here’s a below average pic of Maggie’s hat:


We’ve been playing a game called “How Fast Can She Take Off Her Hat?”  Her best time is 0.75 seconds.  Her worst time is around 6.3 seconds, yet still not slow enough for a photograph.  It is a very fun game.  Oh, and Maggie’s hat just has ribbing.  No turned hem on hers.  I am not sure why I did it this way.

Jerry’s hat is hot off the needles and has not been photographed.  I finished it during the twelve hour drive yesterday.  Twelve hours in the car did not provide me with crazy knitting production – chalk that up to the two children I was entertaining.

I keep trying to wrap this up in some cohesive way and it’s just not working.  I will say goodbye and then I will go.  Goodbye.

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  2. I would love the pattern as well. I’m a huge Giant’s fan. I live in upstate NY and go to training came to see the players. I would love to make myself a hat for Superbowl Sunday.



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