World Domination

Have you seen the Garnet Hill catalog?  My mom called me to tell me about it, then I saw it at Kate’s blog.

Did you watch Gilmore Girls last night?  MAJOR KNITTING CONTENT.  The episode was titled “Knit, People, Knit!”  and it seemed as though the actors were actually knitters!  Babette was pretty hilarious ordering the knitters: “KNIT!  PURL!  KNIT!  Come on!”

Okay.  Some guy is doing something scientific relating to blogs.  He’s trying to see how the heck old blogland reacts/responds to memes.  Here’s me participatingHere’s me pinging.

Now YOU must participate.  Just write a post about it (like I did), like to the project (like I did), then ping (like I did).  Please do it.  Now, please.

3 thoughts on “World Domination

  1. Wow! THanks for the flashback. The first time I ever saw a Garnet Hill catalog was on a commuter train to NYC in 1998. My sister and I took a shopping day in the city and found one abandoned on the way home. I still get one every month but I don’t think about it much. You’ve made me dig out the latest one and I’m loving the previously unappreciated snowman on the cover!

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