The project: Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations.
The yarn: Cascade 220.
The needles: US 8 for body, US 6 for ribbing.
The beginning: February 18, 2007
The end: March 1, 2007


Oh my gosh. You know the feeling of knitting something so satisfying that it becomes sad to finish? I’m sad that I have finished this sweater. I’ve been surprisingly monogamous with my knitting projects and the reason for this is unknown, because I used to have cast-it-on-itis. I guess that I used to stop knitting on a project if I hit a bump, or if there was something to figure out, or if I was bored with it. Now, with only one project at a time, I’m forcing myself to get through those rough spots. The worst part is that when I’m done I’ve got nothing to pick up and get knitting on. It’s like a mini slump.

So the Wallaby is finished and I’ve started a hat with the leftover yarn, but I’m feeling lonely without another big go-to project. Something else will come along.

I made some modifications, most notably with the pocket. You can see why I’ve been calling it the Wallasaurus all along. It’s a t-rex! And it says “DINO.” This was my very very first try at intarsia, so I can officially check that off the list of things to try this year (other things to try: a sweater for ME, mittens, steeks, lace, etc.).

To make the dino, I used Excel to chart the pocket, then drew the dino on my chart (with a pencil), then just transferred my drawing into excel by filling in the boxes where I drew. Does that make sense? I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fit the picture if I followed the pocket decreases as written in the pattern, so I adjusted by decreasing only every fourth row. I started with 58 pocket stitches, and ended with 40 pocket stitches (the pattern as written decreases to 28 sts).

For the sleeves, I started with a few more stitches than the pattern called for. I have no idea why I did this, other than maybe I thought the sleeves on Mag’s Wallaby were a bit too snug. It all worked out fine in the end. Also, I used 2×2 ribbing rather than 1×1 ribbing because my ribbing looks wonky when it’s 1×1.

I made a mistake with my green edge on the sleeves. You can see it clearly here – there’s an extra row on green on the right sleeve.


This is not something that keeps me up nights. I noticed only after both sleeves were completely finished. Let me ask you this. Will anyone ever notice??? If they do, props to them for their mad noticing skillz.

Another change I made was to the decreasing for the yoke. Instead of leaving two knit stitches between the decreases (dec, k1, sl m, k1, dec), I decreased at either side of the marker (dec, sl m, dec). I like the narrower decrease line that this makes. You can see it from the back:


Neat and tidy, right?

Okay, one more small change. When it came time to do the neck ribbing, I switched back to smaller needles to try and snug it up a bit around his neck. It worked well, and although it did change the guage on the garter stitch border for a few rows, it’s hardly noticeable (again, props to any noticer on that one).

I think that is all! I’ll soon put up more Wallasaurus pictures on my flickr page, and add them to the Wallaby Group. Now I’m off to find my next project….

…and to enjoy my Mag. She turns ONE today!

Happy Birthday Baby.

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7 thoughts on “Wallasaurus.

  1. Now that is one smashingly cute Wallaby. Contrats on the intarsia, I wouldn’t have never pegged it for your first try. I have now moved this up on my knit queue. It’s so cute!

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