Wednesday Fiver

Back when I first started blogging, there was this thing my friends did called Five for Tuesday. Heck, maybe a ton of people did it, but so did my friends and I copied them sometimes. I’m feeling at a loss for a theme and I’ve got lots to report, so here goes.

Five for Tuesday on Wednesday

1. The Sister Sweater in the Comments.

Remember how I asked Holly all those questions about the sweater in the last post? Well she answered exactly how I wanted her to.

(excerpted from the comments)
1. Cardi with zipper, please.
2. But a henley with buttons would also be cool. I can’t decide.
3. Fitted and shaped. That is the way to go.
4. I can do pockets. I have lots of stuff that I carry on my person that needs a place to go. And you know how I feel about purses. I am wishy washy about them, so if the sweater can act as my purse, that would be FAB.
5. As far as cuffs go, I’ll let you decide what would be the most fun for you. But I would be a freakin’ idiot if I chose something that didn’t involve a secret message, right?
6. You should design your own personal tag to put on the inside. That would rock.

Oh, and I LOVE the pattern.
Love Me.

Isn’t that great? A fitted, steeked, yoked cardi with a secret message and a zipper. I’m pretty sure I decided on the secret message. While I won’t tell you exactly what it’s going to say, I will tell you that it will include profanity (why not?) and will be frakin hilarious.

This is Holly running in the triathlon! Isn’t she darling? I love how she’s smiling but you can definitely see she’s working hard.

Gold Nugget

2. I finished a cute hat.

top down bonnet

Pattern: Top Down Bonnet free from Hello Yarn.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb (leftover from my sweater).

This pattern is a quick knit and it looks very, very adorable once modeled.

top down bonnet

3. I finished an un-cute hat.

The second hat is in fact a beautiful thing, but it looks like total poo on my head. I will block it, because blocking does miracles for colorwork but if it still looks bad, I’ll be ripping.

Northern Lights Bohus Hat - not yet blocked

Pattern: Northern Lights Bohus Hat from Homespun Handknit.
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but I have some theories. First, it’s too tall, and I’d have to rip the whole thing and redo it from the beginning. Second, even at 6 sts/inch, it seems like too loose a guage. I could go down a needle or two. Third, I think the yellow yarn does not have enough depth to it. It’s too yellow. This has nothing to do with the fit, but it bugs me nonetheless.

4. Sockapalooza is fun.

The first sock is finished.

Gentleman's Fancy Sock #1

I’m trying not to think about the two months I have to finish the second sock, because then I’ll keep putting it off. Must. Knit. Second. Sock. Now. I’ve already cast on.

5.Do you dream of your crafts?

I got a new toy and I’ve been dreaming about it at night.  After it comes in the mail I’ll tell you about it.  Ooooo, I’m so excited.  And nervous.  You’ll see.

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Fiver

  1. I dream of crafts… lately I have been dreaming of a spinning wheel…. I am go glad that your sister’s answers feel in line with what you had in mind! And I like both of the hats!

  2. You are right (at least to me) about the Bohus hat gauge. I tend to like colorwork tight, and I do worsted at 6 sts per inch, so sport would be more like 7 or 7.5, at least to my preference.

    It’s freaking gorgeous, though.

  3. Busy busy! I like your hat. I can see how you might think the yellow stands out a lot, though. You are so generous to knit a sweater for your sister. I can’t wait to see what your new toy is!

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