color 7814

cascade 220

Cascade 220, color 7814.

First I used it for Jerry’s Wallasaurus.


Next I made a Tasseled Fez, without the tassles.

Tasseled Fez

I decided it would be a great contrasting hem facing for the sister sweater.

Sister Sweater

And just the other day, I bought enough of color 7814 to make a sweater for myself.

My college roommate and I used to do this dance; we’d sorta shake all around and say, “I CAN’T STOP” and then laugh ourselves silly.  I felt like doing the dance while buying the yarn the other day, skeins of color 7814 flying all around me.

Please.  Somebody help me.

10 thoughts on “color 7814

  1. So, that is like 8 skeins? Where is your money tree woman? :) What sweater are you planning on knitting in this great green color? I’m contemplating Phyllo and Wicked. You are dangerous….

  2. Okay – step one – you must admit you have a problem. At least that’s what they always say. I think you just have a healthy interest in yarn. Yes, I am an enabler!

  3. I was just knitting up some baby/child garments and was just wondering if you’ve had any problems with your kids wearing wool? I always hear about how you shouldn’t make wool garments for little ones because of their sensitive skin. Have you had any issues with your kids? How about the fact that you have to hand wash the wool sweaters. Does that get to be a pain? Would superwash wool (spendy!) or cotton be better alternatives? Would love to hear your opinion!
    Oh–and I love that color green!

  4. LOL–you are great with your green. And the SAME green, too–that’s some green! I can’t wait to see what kind of sweater you make.

  5. Oh what a fantastic sweater, and your children are so cute too. Love the hat as well. It seems as though the colors work well together too.

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