This is the extent of knitting related accomplishments for the last week or so. None of the seventy-eleven pairs of socks I’ve started have comrades yet (or comraids, depending on who you ask). Nonetheless, I did start and finish a whole other pair of socks. Probably the best socks I ever knit.

handspun socks

From my own handspun yarn, for Mag to wear when we go for walks on chilly mornings. Actually, I walk and she rides in the buggy with pretzels. The yarn is made from Hello Yarn hand dyed wool top in the color ‘Scrappy’.

Despite the lack of knitting, I’ve been busy with other crafty pursuits. For some crazy reason I decided to make myself some clothes to wear to my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month. After I bought the fabric and patterns I remembered that I’m not a seamstress. That didn’t stop me from making a whole outfit and it turned out rather well, actually. I’m sort of inspired to sew a whole fall wardrobe and improve my crude sewing skills.

I made a wrap top with long sleeves, a skirt and a jacket (linked to pictures of the patterns in flickr). I’ll try and get some pictures of my outfit after I hem the jacket, but no promises there. The skirt and the jacket are unlined, which is fine but I’d really like to try to make some nicer, lined things. CUTE LINED JACKET ALERT.

There are also Halloween costumes in the works – Knight for Jerry, Dragon for Maggie. I’m trying to buy as little new stuff as possible to save money and because there’s just so much crap around my house, but the Knight might require some special supplies.

So yea, I’ve been sorta super busy with the sewing, but not so much with the knitting.


Step away from the alpaca, baby.

Hey, just one more thing. The ‘tape hand’ thing from the last entry was reference to the new show “Reaper” on The CW. It was a line from the series premiere, and Nova was the first in the comments to get it. Yeah for Nova! And yeah for anyone else who is watching this awesome new show.

(No, I haven’t decided what to do with the sister sweater. Don’t ask.)

14 thoughts on “sew

  1. For someone who’s not a seamstress you took on quite a bit of sewing. And, not small sewing either.

    Project by project I’m conquering my fear of each sewing hurdle. Next up for me might be some pants. Those are really scary. 😉

  2. I love your site. I am a seamstress and have a small business from home. My first job is being a mother, but we all need an oulet :) Check out my site. Maybe we can barter. ~blessings~ Susanna

  3. Cute, cute, socks! And you’re right, that lined jacket is the best. I love the squirrel fabric. Wish I could find a copy of that pattern!

    I have been too busy with work and have hardly done a thing for myself these past few weeks. I have picked up the wallaby from time to time, though–thank goodness for relatively mindless knitting projects.

  4. I’d say your awesome bags and your willingness to try big projects qualify you as a seamstress.

    Will Knight Jerry be attempting to hunt Dragon Maggie?

  5. i have been sewing up a storm too and also for a wedding. It always seams that October is my sewing month. I cant wait to see your outfit. I never sew for myself because i may have to face tha facts of how big i am !
    love the socks and the kiddie jacket is so cute!

  6. I love your blog! You make such amazing things.

    I was inspired by your recent hat for Maggie and made a little hat for Ella. Check it out on our blog. I got the Qiviut from a friend who worked in Greenland this spring. It is so warm – very important since there is already snow on the ground in Fairbanks.

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