I have a whole bunch of wool/mohair roving.

mohair/wool roving

I wanted to try to dye it using the black walnuts from my backyard.

black walnuts

So this morning I took a sample of the roving and dyed it, then let it dry, then spun it.

I came to pass that the yarn was the same color as my hair…


…which was very strange since I had just yesterday read a thread on Ravelry about spinning with your own hair.  I assure you, I did not spin my own hair.  It’s kinda grossing me out.

A lot.

But at least I got a blog post out of it all.  And a good reason to finally splurge on some acid dyes.

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17 thoughts on “icky?

  1. so we now know that the offical color of your hair is black walnut? that is bizare. lovely color but woudl creep me out. i am weirded out by yarn from hair and even dog hair and chinchilla. (my sister has a chinchilla and plans to make yarn)

  2. i think you are supposed to soak the crushed or just plain bashed walnuts in enough water to cover for four or five days.then boil for a couple of hours.

    outside preferably, unless you want a polkadotted kitchen and children.

    allow to soak overnight.


    put wet material in warm dye bath .

    stir often.

    keep it in there ’til you get the desired colour.

    slainte .

    i’ll help you if you like.

    and by the way i think thats a lovely colour. save some for me for furniture stain.

  3. I think it is a beautiful result! I would love to try it sometime. I have to admit, I did not realize that was the yarn on your head – I thought it was a braid… only with a closer look did I notice!

  4. I, too, think it’s super cool that you dyed up roving from organic substances from your yard. (i wrote ‘yarn’ initially instead of ‘yard’–geez, I almost did it again.)

  5. oh…totally off topic for knitting…but that is a way cool piece of green fabric with the UFOs on it under the roving. Is that part of our stash…or alredy sewn : ) ?


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