I’ll show you mine

What they’ve been saying? About wips? It’s true here! I hardly talk about what I’m working on. So let us change that for today.

My current big project is a sweater for me. I have completely given up on the sweater for my sister (sorry, Hols!). Not to say I won’t ever knit her one…it’s just not happening now. Besides, she’s back in the knitting business (Ravelry username: SpothKnits) so she can knit her own darn sweater.

The pattern I’m using is from, of course, an EZ book: Knitting Workshop.

i hate wip pictures

Specifically, I’m using the chart for the ‘Faded Aspen-Leaf Sweater.’ In the book, it looks like this:

shaded aspen leaf sweater

Is that EZ’s actual hand up in the corner? Sweetness.

Anyway, besides using the aspen-leaf chart from the book, the sweater is hardly going to be the same. First, I’m going to can the drop-shoulder construction in favor of raglan shaping. A better fit, I hope. Also, it will be a cardigan so steek stitches are in the works.

It’s a big project. It’s gonna take me a while. So instead of focusing on how daunting a project it is, my goal with this thing has been to knit on it every day. It’s amazing how fast things can be knit when you actually knit them, rather than just imagining yourself knitting them. Crazy.

faded aspen leaf progress

I just measured my progress, and I’ve got 9″ of body.  Hells yea!

p.s.  I just noticed that my pattern is quite different from the picture in the book.  Odd.
p.p.s.  The yarn is Cascade 220.
p.p.p.s.  Just kidding.  There’s no p.p.p.s.  I just felt like typing p.p.p.s.

15 thoughts on “I’ll show you mine

  1. You crack me up!

    Oh, that last little bit, so Moonlighting. Just picture an office door opening and shutting, opening and shutting…..

    What is up with the lack of WIP? I love the WIP….. Course, my blog is NIP lately.

  2. Pretty colors. I’ve looked at the pattern before and contemplated it. I don’t like it in the stark white/black colors. I bet your lower contrast ones will look great. I will watch your progress eagerly.

  3. it looks great. when you make big projects you have to shoot wip shots in order to have anything to blog about:-))
    i am a bit in love with the aspen pattern myself.. for some reason the knitting workshop is the book from elizabeth’s sacred hand that i like the least. but this particular one touched me too. and the colours will suit your hair and complexion magnificently.

  4. I guess I am out of the loop, because I saw someone else say that “they’ve been saying no one is showing WIPs anymore”. But I haven’t actually seen who is saying that firsthand. I haven’t shown much in the way of WIPs lately, just because who wants to see miles of navy blue stockinette (reindeer sweater)? Or miles of gray lace (Ariann)? Boring. And I also have not been posting at all because I am too busy to compose anything coherent. So no WIPs from me, but it isn’t because I’m part of a large knit-wing conspiracy or anything. =0)

    Your aspen leaves look pretty–I don’t know what is different about them from the book…? They look the same to me.

  5. Oh, your sweater is going to be so pretty! Love the in-progress shot.

    I haven’t really been showing WIPs much these days either. In fact, I’m getting ready to show an FO on my blog that I never even mentioned knitting. Am wondering if Ravelry has anything to do with this trend (if it is, in fact, a trend). I have posted WIP pics there and there’s just not that much more to say, so I feel like I’ve already blogged it when I suddenly realized I haven’t….

  6. I’d like to think that I show lots of WIPs (only because, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have much to show!). p.s. I think your EZ sweater is going to be fabulous. p.p.s The Opinionated Knitter has been my nighttime reading every night for the last two week. p.p.p.s. Nothing, I just wanted to write it too…

  7. If I didn’t talk about WIP’s I’d rarely talk about knitting at all, seeing as how seldom I get to a FO. I love how in that pattern, there’s more to the aspen leaf with every row of them, and I love how it looks in the blue and green. Can’t wait to see how the raglan shaping turns out, but I predict spectacular success. Knit on!

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