Knits in the wilds of Buffalo.

v.1 of Bills Hat

Last year I gave my little brother Eddie this hand knit woolen hat for Christmas.  It is a Buffalo Bills hat that I designed myself with a fairly generous supply of graph paper and erasers.  I recently asked my Mom if he ever wears it, and she said he wears it all the time.  Buffalo is cold, after all, and he works outside.

This year I sent him a couple of ornaments for his Christmas tree.  He just bought his first house, and so I figured he’ll need some ornaments to get started.  He got the package, as he just confirmed over the phone, but hasn’t opened it yet.  Now, I’m a little surprised that he would let a package go unopened, but I’m more surprised by what he said next, referring to the box which he has not opened (!), “I’m thinking it has some warm knitted things in there.”

How cute is that?  And how bad do I feel for not knitting him something warm?  Very, very bad.

But wait.  The story is not over yet.  He tells me over the phone to go to the Life & Arts Section of the Buffalo News.  So I sit down at the computer, click my way through to this.  Go ahead and click that link.  You’ll see.

He’s wearing the hat!  Aw, man.  I have the best brother.  And also: he is single, a homeowner, has a great job, knows how to drive a tractor and is very, very tall.

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13 thoughts on “Knits in the wilds of Buffalo.

  1. He is handsome but I am married with kids and don’t do cold/snow unless I have to… :) I think that is beautiful that he appreciates the hat and was expecting some more knitted items, that is so sweet.

    That pattern had to be something that you came up with…good for you!

  2. Knitting live in the wild. Mad props to the brother. Maybe some fingerless mitts??? Those are simple to crank out.

    He is a handsome guy, though I have always thought that Upstate NY made them pretty handsome.

    Does he know you sumbitted him for a knitted personal ad? :)

  3. he may not be single for long after this…. and i uænderstand that he wears this hat as the fit is so great. oh isn’t it lovely when grown up people who actually has a choice wear what you knit. i adore when my tall nephew flashes his seamless hybrid. i can even make him look at jared’s blog to find more ideas for masculine retro sweaters….

  4. I have a sister that is single and tall as well…she lives in Maine though…nice hat! Cute brother.
    Also, I don’t even really know you and I think my sister would hate me for setting her up with the brother of a woman who’s fantastic knitting blog I stalk!

  5. If I were a good deal younger and singler, I might have to take my next vacation in Buffalo. I like ’em tall, cute and employed! From the sound of it, I think you have a good chance of his finding you a knitting SIL himself. He likes the stuff! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of you.

  6. “Knows how to drive a tractor.” I don’t know why you don’t see that in personal ads more often–although one might, how would I know? It certainly is a good quality to have. Right up there with “Can operate a winch.” Especially in Upstate NY!

    The hat is great, and as usual, you’ve inspired me.

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