love and loathe

please block me

It’s one of those things that I love and hate about knitting: The wip always looks pretty horrible.

You gotta love the wonky wip because it’s very, very ugly. You’ve planned so much and put so much thought into something that looks bad. You’re husband looks at you and asks what you’re knitting (even though he knows it’s a hat) and just nods his head, questioning your sanity. But you must trust the knitting. You must trust your skillz. You must trust the blocking process.

third hat

By Sunday, it will look like a hat. I hope.

Edited:  This is the third hat, and it’s not done.  I have no idea what I’m doing for the last hat.  Extra-super-bulky yarn, perhaps?

9 thoughts on “love and loathe

  1. It does look great. Whose hat is the last one? If it’s for a child, I say you should go with the super-bulky and cheat like crazy to get it done!

  2. Make another pot of coffee and knit on! You’re being so creative with these hats, they’re fantastic.

    I hate the wonky WIP, I’m always so tempted to rip. The block and pray is definately one of my favorite knitting techniques.

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