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In case you missed it, I’m working on my own personal Superbowl Challenge. After the Giants beat the Packers to get to the Superbowl two weeks ago, I thought it would be fun (?!) to make new hats for me and the family by kickoff tomorrow. Three of the four hats are done but for some finishing touches, and the fourth hat…well, it’s not done. I was almost finished yesterday, except that it looked like arse.

i ripped this out

To be the hat I envisioned I would have needed to knit at a much smaller gauge and there’s just not time for such a drastic change of plans. Above, yesterday morning. Below, just a moment ago.

gerald's hat

I really, really wanted to be finished yesterday because I’m getting tired of this whole crazy thing. But after taking a break from Gerald’s hat, standing back from it for a while, I decided that I needed to rip back and fix it.

I know I’ll finish and I’ll be happy about the whole project after a while, but I’m just bored out of my mind with red, white and blue right now. On top of that, I’m getting nervous about the game. I really want the Giants to win. Really, really want them to win. It’s not very often your team gets to the Superbowl (unless you’re a Patriots fan — booo….or a Bills fan from the 90’s).

Although I sound all bored and boring, I really have no right to be:


I got an award! Thank you to Peggy and Crystal who say I make their day.  Funny because they make my day!  I’m so happy.  And I get to hand out awards to others who make my day.  Sweet.  Well, there’s Lisa and Anne, my local buddies who keep me company on Thursday nights and keep me laughing.  And Jen, who I’m so glad to have as a friend.  Katie, Areli, Adrian, Nova, Tasha; their blogs inspire me, make me giggle, make me want to put gruyere in my pie crust and usually make me want to cast on right away for whatever they’re knitting.  So thanks.

I guess if I’m going to prove that I completed my challenge, I’ll have to have finished photos before game time tomorrow (which happens to be around 6:19pm EST).  Maybe we’ll even be able to get a group shot.  But first, I have to actually finish knitting the darn things….

7 thoughts on “not done yet

  1. The hats are coming along SO NICELY! I’m so facinated with your progress! Your colorwork is always so nice and neat! Mine is still a bit too snug for a hat. My hats come out not fitting a tennis ball because of all the “carries” being too taught.
    I’m even more excited that you picked up your little award!

  2. You are so close! Your cheer team is behind you 100%. And thank you, thank you, I don’t deserve it, and I want to thank all the little people . . . but seriously, you make my day all the time.

  3. Oooh, I love that hat! Can’t wait to see all the completed hats in a row.

    Go Giants! [I really don’t care one way or the other, but since you are rooting for them, I will pull for them too]

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