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Go Giants!

I knew all along I’d finish my challenge.  I know Gerald thought I was silly, and maybe you were bored by the whole thing, but I’m proud of myself.  Mostly because after the first two hats were knit I was so over the whole thing.  But hey.  What’s a challenge if you just give up?  There would have been no consequences if I had decided not to finish, but it feels pretty good to have followed through.

It also felt good – I mean, unbelievable good – to knit on a plain sock last night after all the hats were done.

Yes, my hat says ELI.  As in Eli Manning, the Giant’s QB.  I know it’s a little dorky, but I’ve got enough non-dorky hats, so it was time to throw in a dorky one for fun.  He’s always been my favorite Giant.

Now I’m signing off.  Tonight I’ll either go to bed smiling or be very, very angry.  Check you on the flip side dudes.

34 thoughts on “done

  1. I love the football field on the Eli hat! They all look wonderful and I think you have every right to be proud and happy. Congrats on a challenge completed with flair!

  2. I knew you would do it. The football field on the “Eli” hat is the best. You charted it yourself, didn’t you? When you frame that great photo, you have to frame a triumphant headline along with it. What a great family memory!

  3. Such a cute photo! Nice job finishing all your hats, they look great. Maybe they helped supply the Giants with the mojo they needed to pull through at the end.

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