shearing day

waiting for haircuts.

Yesterday was Shearing Day at Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, NC. The job was done by Master Blade Shearer, Kevin Ford, and honestly I had no idea what that meant. Of course I figured that he would be using electric shears, but he wasn’t. He used blade shears (here’s Wikipedia’s entry on sheep shearing, scroll down to see a picture of blade shears).

the shearer

Gerald, my wonderful, patient husband, minded the children while I played around the farm.


Maggie and Jerry had a blast, and upon getting in the car to return home Jerry asked if we could go back next year. Um, yeah. We’ll be back next year.


Jerry and the chickens

I had every intention of looking at the fleeces, learning how to skirt one, and maybe buying one to share with my friend Anne. What do I need with a whole fleece, anyway? But then the serendipity happened.

a sheep called Maggie

A corriedale sheep with a beautifully colored fleece, named, of all things, Maggie. The price was right, so with the help of Tina I decided to purchase my first fleece. It all happened so fast.

It really was a great morning. How could it not be? Fiber enthusiasts all around, sheepies, and the North Carolina sky blue as could be.

piles of fleeces

back of the shearing barn



Yea, we’ll be back next year.

18 thoughts on “shearing day

  1. You are so incredibly lucky! Wow! Talk about ‘meant to be’. That fleece was calling out to you. Your hubby doesn’t look as excited as I’m sure you did or as your adorable kiddies do in the pics. Oh well, at least he went and watched the kids for you. What more can you ask? Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! For those of us who work weekends- we appreciate the prompt and thorough coverage! Congratulations on your first fleece, I am sure wonderful things will become of it!

  3. It must be fate to buy that fleece. The farm looks gorgeous, and I love the picture of the house. I see the jacket is still being worn and looks great too.

  4. How exciting! That’s certainly an experience I couldn’t have here in Wisconsin in February…I can live vicariously through you though!

    FYI, you children are adorable :)

  5. I love Rising Meadow! I bought some of their fleece at SAFF. Your Corriedale looks soooo soft, I bet you can’t wait to dive in! Are you going to hand process it? 4 lbs.? You can do a LOT with that!

  6. Thanks for the commet. I read your blog all the time. Can’t believe how big your children are getting. Looks like you had a great “sheep” day!

  7. Wow! I’m so glad you took pictures. I was too busy greedily looking at fleeces. That was a perfect NC blue sky day, huh? :)

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