Here’s what I’ve been up to, and when I say “what I’ve been up to” I mean, what I’ve been totally obsessed with…dreaming about…planning my days around…you know.


This is my hand-dyed fiber, that I spun myself and on Thursday began to knit. It is intoxicating.

The initial plan, that I had in mind before I even bought the fiber, was to make a sweater like one I saw on Flickr many moons ago (on Flickron Ravelry). It wasn’t until I had skeined and washed the yarn that I realized how thin I had made the yarn. Whoopsie. I guess I’m still learning. The yarn screamed at me, “Make socks! Make socks!” So that’s what I’m doing.


Moonshine socks. I am calling my yarn Moonshine because, well, everyone around said I should call it Sea Glass. I agree that Sea Glass is a descriptive name for this yarn, but it is also too beachy and peachy and cutsie for me. Since I’m now dyeing my own fiber and will be giving it names I figure that the first batch should be representative of how I want to proceed. Moonshine is in honor of a friend, who wrote and recorded a song called Moonshine. A song I blast on the stereo whenever blasting music loudly is appropriate.

My singing-songwriting friend is Sarah LeMieux and she is just an all-around incredible woman. I wouldn’t plug just anybody, so if you’re so inclined you should check her out. Here is a video of a performance from the Women in Blues Festival in Wilmington, NC. If you watch it, you’ll hear Moonshine at the end of the clip. You can also hear the song (and others) on her MySpace page here (that link plays music). I do hope you enjoy!

Now I think I’ll go knit some more on that sock. Intoxicating and somewhat distracting — in a good way — and delicious. Oh, and I’ve dyed more fiber and it has no name yet. Non-peachy suggestions for names are welcome and encouraged.

hand dyed

21 thoughts on “moonshine

  1. as far as a name for the new yarn…to me, it looks like a photograph of a beautiful pond. Still and clear and it reflects all of the colors and vegetation and sky around it. Like a tundra pond.

    How about tundra?

    I really want you to stick with the alcohol theme. How ’bout “Champagne”. As in the “Champagne of Wool”.

  2. Moonlight Woods/Twilight.
    It makes me want to knit socks and I have not felt compelled to knit socks. I love the roving. Can’t wait to see the socks.

  3. It makes me think of a Pacific coastal tidepool, with flora and fauna included. That’s not a very catchy name, is it? It’s lovely, lovely.

  4. Mandy!  I haven’t checked in a while and when I do… look what crazy skills you’re demonstrating!  That fiber is EXQUISITE!  What an amazing talent!  And how totally cool to take something from the very, very beginning…. to create your own raw product and then knit up something beautiful!  I’m in awe…I’m in my own obsession over here… fabric.  All things retro and big, bold floral.  :-)  I was up til 3am last night just surfing fabric sites.  I dream of combinations and of what I can sew with the different prints.  Sigh.  I totally understand your addiction.Regarding names?  I loved Envy…. rainbow trout was great…. Holly had a great description.. and as she mentioned, if you’d like to keep the alcohol theme running (the only way to go, really. :-) ), I’d name it Absinthe!Wondering if you’re up for a (gulp) baby hat (and/or a cute sweater?) to be commissioned?  I’ve got to have one of those wig-hats for baby Caroline.  Maybe I could buy it through theoldredshed!  :-)  Let’s revive it… you’ve got way too much talent not to be putting that stuff out there. 

  5. The roving is beautiful and it reminds me of Jamaica. Jamaican colors are yellow and green and there’s definitely a grittier quality about the country in places, but it’s gorgeous, too. 😉

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