so little time

So many things happening!

First off, I found my sewing machine under all the yarn! And in celebration of that and of Maggie’s birthday next week I have begun working on her birthday quilt.

Step 1: Gathered some stash fabric, added some new stuff from the fabric store, made a pretty pile and took a picture.


Step 2: Sliced and diced it into about 175 rectangles. 4.5″ x 10.5″.


Step 3: Waited until the wee hours of the morning to start organizing them into a pleasing pattern. Picture from 6:51 a.m. EST.


Wow. I’m in over my head and probably won’t finish by her actual birthday and that’s cool. If I must say so, I think it looks fierce (yes, I’m a fan of Project Runway).

Speaking of being a fan, have you watched Cash Cab yet? Best game show ever.

And this morning I got an e-card from my sister from this site. High-larious. Check it out.

Since I’m on a roll I’ll keep going. You’re probably aware that the Oscar for Best Original Song went to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for “Falling Slowly” from Once, but have you seen the movie yet? Just please take my word for it and add it to your queue immediately.

Hmmmm…anything else? Not today.  Must go sew.

12 thoughts on “so little time

  1. I love the quilt! And yes, Cash Cab is great. I wish I could be on it, but alas, there are no cabs in podunk South Carolina. And I have a car.

  2. This quilt will be gorgeous, and loved.
    PS I meme tagged you. Check my blog. Do I need to apologize or duck now?

  3. Stupid auto filler, yeah, unless you are just really interested in my family…I meant to have the above comment attributed to me here. Sorry.

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