Two by One

Today is the day I step out and try something new. I’m excited (and honestly, a wee bit terrified) to offer my very first pattern for sale!

2x1 - title

It’s a hat and it is made entirely with corrugated ribbing. Poor corrugated ribbing; it gets such a bad rap. But look how cool it is! The purled stitches play so nicely in the background that the trouble of a new technique is soon forgotten and you’ll experience the joy of a beautiful fabric coming off your needles.

2x1 - mosaic

You’ll need about 150 yards of worsted weight wool for your main color (I used Cascade 220) and smaller amounts of at least three contrasting colors. Everything you need to know is included in the 3-page pattern. There are instructions for three sizes: 18″ (20″, 22″) to fit a child (medium adult, large adult).

You can get your pattern right now; I’m selling it as a pdf download exclusively through Ravelry for $5.00. Click here to buy it. And thank you so much for looking!

You can now buy through Ravelry without being a Ravelry member!
Click this button.

Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading the pattern.

I can’t end without acknowledging my great pals Lisa and Anne who helped me to edit the pattern with their keen eyes and knitterly opinions. Please click through to their blogs; Lisa has an alarmingly cute baby-in-handknit picture, and Anne. Well, Anne and her clever husband have invented a giant, easy-to-use skein winder to facilitate winding big ol’ skeins to use for special dyeing techniques. With complete instructions and video! It’s ingenious and I know you’ll be happy you took the time to click over.

Wow! Big stuff today, huh?

Remember – click here to buy the pattern! Thanks!

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13 thoughts on “Two by One

  1. it is lovely.. í am a sucker for corrugated ribbing. i will buy your pattern some day soon but right now i am on a saddle shoulder aran no. 3 trip.

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