Three Whole Years

Knitting! Glorious knitting! How I love thee!

I, Mandy Zigzag Stitch, have been blogging for three years. What do the people call this? Blogiversary? Of course, it didn’t start as a knitting blog. It was more of a “wow, mothering is fun most of the time, and geez I’m bored” blog. But it eventually became the knitting blog and I’m so happy to be here now, with all of you out there; making me feel happy about knitting day in and day out. Thank you. If I had prizes*, you would all get one. Yes, YOU!

The best thing about today is I feel like I have some great fodder for my blogiversary. Something really good, and something very, very bad.

The Really Good Thing probably isn’t the totally-awesomest-bestest-forever-and-ever thing, but it’s good. It’s a sock that I’m working on using a little stitch pattern called Zigzag Garter Stitch from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

zigzag garter stitch socks

It’s zigzag and garter stitch and green. Sigh and swoon. And see that short row garter stitch heel? I totally did it on the fly! There’s a funny thing about this sock, too. I spilled coffee on it and so I washed it with the pins still in it. In the picture above you can see that right before I started the heel it looks smoother. That’s because half the sock has been blocked!

zigzag garter stitch socks

Now for the Very, Very Bad Thing. I’m probably exaggerating; knitting can seem horrible at first only to be fine in the end. But this is not fine.

horribly wrong moccasin socks

This is a Moccasin Sock. If you have EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac that’s where you’ll find the pattern; November I think. As you may know, Elizabeth Zimmermann often gives guidelines for a pattern, rather than line by line instructions. I don’t mind this in the least and actually I really love it because it allowed me to knit this sock at a different gauge than she did. Everything in the pattern was really clear….all except the notes about how long to knit the top of the foot.  The sock does not fit.  Not even close.

Even this unflattering picture of the sole is technically correct:

horribly wrong moccasin socks

As ugly as the sock looks, I think I could have made it work had I knit for about two inches more before starting the toe shaping. But that part comes very early in the pattern and with the way the sock is constructed it’s hard to tell what’s going on until it’s done. You can’t really try it on the way you can with a “normal” sock, not that I didn’t try.

I had faith throughout the whole process of this sock that it would get off my needles and fit my foot.  But I was Very, Very Wrong.  I’ll try the sock on a smaller foot (Lisa! Anne!), but I think this is something I should unravel and try again.  I like the yarn and the pattern is still genius.

In honor of my blogiversary (I like typing that word, like thinking it in my head, but dislike saying it aloud a great deal) I thought I’d share with you the reason behind the name of my blog.

Jerry was littler, Maggie was nowhere yet, and we were in Myrtle Beach at the hotel swimming pool. I sat on the edge of the pool, watching Jerry swimming with my Mom and they were doing something silly and singing “ZIGZAG MOMMY!” and laughing and laughing. It was the cutest thing in the world; the kind of mommy moment that melts your heart into a puddle and you get all wistful. I went home and changed my old blog (don’t go looking, doesn’t exist) to Zigzag Mommy.  When I decided to start a knitting blog, it logically became Zigzag Stitch.

*If you’re looking for prizes, check out RAVELRAISER! I’ve given. Have you?

21 thoughts on “Three Whole Years

  1. Happy blogaversary! Sorry to hear about the socks. Ironically, I thought of your feet today. I was thrifting around town and I found a totally unused pair of BIRKENSTOCKS which were way to large for my toes. Not sure of the size , other than it had “40” on it. Happy blogaversary!!!

  2. Happy 3rd blogiversary!!! (3 happy exclamation points). Love the blog name etymology. Makes mine so lame, though. =) the zigzag socks are so you! As to the mocsocks, it would be my pleasure to model, so you can recalculate them for you.

  3. Happy Blogiversary!! And many more years of knitting to blog about! ;o)

    Glad to finally know where Zigzag came frome now! :o)

  4. I really love your blog and your knitting style. Happy blogiversary to you! Your great projects have inspired me to try the same – like the Wonderful Wallaby and the Tomten. So fun. My kids are grown but I’ve got a growing stash of baby things waiting for the day when a grandchild is in the mix. Thanks for everything!

  5. I made that exact same error on my first moc. sock too. About 2 inches too short. Like you said, I couldn’t tell until it was done that it was wrong wrong. The colors are lovely though. Happy Blogiversary.

  6. Happy Blogiversary! My name “flwrhead” came from my son, too. He was in the stage of calling things (and people) “poo-poo head,” “tee-tee head,” and was getting in trouble all the time, of course. One day he said “Mommy, I know what you are.” I braced myself for what was coming. Then he said, “You’re a flower-head!” cause I was crazy into gardening at the time. And I’ve been flwrhead ever since!

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