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It has become increasingly hard to take the time to write things here.  Part of it is the wild dynamics of a two-year-old and a six-year-old trying to spend the day together, but part is also the hobbies that occupy my head in every spare moment I have.  Maybe once school starts, I’ll have more blogging time.  Then again, maybe not.

The Little Things

sibling mittens

Mittens for Jerry (RAV) and Maggie (RAV).  Quick, highly satisfying knits (just what I crave right now).  The blue ones are knit with Lamb’s Pride Bulky that I dyed at Anne’s house a few weeks ago.  The other ones are from my handdyed, handspun BFL top.  I didn’t use a pattern; I checked my gauge, measured the kids hands, traced their hands on paper in case they were sleeping when I needed a measurement, and tried them on a lot when they weren’t sleeping.

Then I used the rest of the handspun yarn to make a hat for Maggie.

handspun Girl Hat

I began with the Thorpe pattern (top down, inc. to 96 sts, should have stopped at 88), but realized that I would run out of yarn.  I ended up repeating the garter rib that I used on the mittens, and I think it turned out great.  I had less than a yard of my handspun left; nice to know there isn’t any waste, heartbreaking because it’s all used up.

With the remnants of the Lamb’s Pride I used for Jerry’s mittens, I’ll make a scarf, as per his request.  The boy has more hats than he will ever need, after all.

The other thing I have been keeping busy with is spinning.

spinning obsession

I am totally smitten with this stuff.  The wool is shetland top that I dyed at Anne’s house, and it is a joy to spin.  Not sure if I have a plan for the yarn yet, but it would be nice to make some more little things like mittens.  I’m in love with mittens this month.  Love I tell you!!

Part of the reason I’m itching to finish the shetland up is because I’ve got some more handdyed fiber that I can’t wait to spin.  Incidentally, I still only have the three bobbins that came with my wheel so I can never start anything new in the middle of spinning something else.  I like how this system keeps me from puttering out on a project.  Consequently, I have a lot of handspun yarn to show for it.  Anyway.  This is the fiber that’s calling to me next.

hand dyed BFL

If you can believe it, the green is actually more flourescent in real life.  !!  It makes me so happy, and maybe someday in the future it will make me so warm.  The fiber is the same BFL as I used for Maggie’s mittens and hat above, and it is so so so so soft.  Did I say how soft it is?

I’d better go check on the kids.  Jerry has been obsessed with the idea of building his own jet pack.  I hope he hasn’t figured that out yet.  Then again, if he took off into the atmosphere for an hour or so, maybe the house would be quieter.

10 thoughts on “little things

  1. The mittens and hat are so cute. Your yarn looks very nice, and it looks rather different when it is spun to when you look at the fleece. I cant wait to see how the bright green knits up too when you use it.

  2. Amazing but true, they look even prettier IRL. The Shetland top just knocks me out. And Maggie’s hat too. And the BFL fiber. You have a gift.

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