The cutest curtain in town.

fixin' up the place

For about the last four months, I’ve been on a tear.  It started with a big clean-out of the closet in the bedroom, then I waded through bins and bins of clothes stored in the shed, and I just got my sewing table organized.  I probably took about twenty or thirty garbage bags full of random items to the Goodwill.

Being a frugal person, paired with my crafty tendencies, I save things.  A lot of things.  But cleaning out has been so freeing.  I don’t need to save things that maybe someday I might use.  If an item, be it fabric or a piece of clothing or a chair or a craft supply or whatever, does not have an immediate purpose, it’s not coming into my house.  (Exception for now: YARN & FIBER, of course)  If it’s already here, I’m going to give it away or donate it.  I can’t tell you how good this feels.

Now that my bedroom is free of the piles that used to litter all the corners, and the sewing area (which happens to be in my bedroom) is not overflowing, I have a very strong urge to finally make it pretty.  This weekend I made the curtains at the top of the post, and these:

fixin' up the placeWhen Gerald saw these, he proclaimed them the “cutest curtains in town”.  Aw.

And a few weeks ago I hung up some pictures of the kids and some posters.

fixin' up the place

So far, it’s just a start, and there are some major things in my bedroom that need changing.  For example, the comforter:

fixin' up the placeShown post laundry-folding.

This NFL-themed comforter used to be my brother’s.  WHEN HE WAS A CHILD.  Yeah.  It’s old and kinda icky.  Underneath the comforter is a queen size duvet and cover, on my king size bed.  And see the lamp?  I spray-painted those lovely dots myself.  The two lampshades you see on it are not some kind of cheeky design element.  It’s an extra lampshade that if I put anywhere else, Maggie will get it and march it around the house.  Or tip it upside down and sail in it like a sailboat.

There’s a lot left to do in here.  I really, really want a new duvet (and I’m in negotiations to get one) and I want to find the perfect fabric to make a duvet cover.  I would love to paint the walls something more exciting than “white”.  I want a headboard.  And none of these pictures show the other side of the room, which still needs some more work.

But slowly, it’s coming.

fixin' up the placePlease excuse the crooked lampshade.  It’s always like that.

This coming weekend we’re going to have our very first, and hopefully very last yardsale.  I’ve spent the last few weeks collecting things from around the house that can be sold.  Now I’ve got to figure out what the kids are willing to part with.  And I’ve already made a rule that whatever goes out for the sale is not allowed back into the house.  Wish me luck!!

12 thoughts on “The cutest curtain in town.

  1. Good luck! It looks like you have been so productive. We have been cleaning, but I don’t think we have been as successful as you. Um, why don’t you make a quilt for your bed?

  2. the curtains really are the cutest! it makes the door look awesome…but that door is seriously awesome to begin with. have fun with the cleaning and donating. nothing better than purging, right??

  3. Thank goodness you mentioned the yarn/fiber exception. I was worried about your mental health for a minute there! Gerald is right, them are some cute curtains, ma’am. Hope you have a quick and profitable yard sale.

  4. that is such a nice things to do. i really should do the same thing. i am such a slack. and only today i thought why did i buy two skeins of yarn when i have a whole cupboard full already. i didn’t grow up during any war which could excuse it.
    i think it is great to be frugal and still have a great sense of quality like i know you do.
    lovely curtains.

  5. Super-cute curtains!! I am on a massive decluttering and reorganization and fix-up spree myself. It is *hard*. Like you, I hang on to stuff that I think I might want to use someday. But I’m sick of living like a slob, so I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll even get to the point of making and hanging cute curtains!!

  6. By Golly , they are the cutest curtains in town, I’d like to copy them for my rooms :o), soon it will be time for me to put the fall curtains up.
    The pictures were very stimulating….Ginny B.

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