dressing warm

I’ve spent the last few days wondering how many woolies are too many woolies.  It finally turned cold (by NC standards, anyway, still no frost) and I am trying to make the most of all my knitted items…without looking like a ragamuffin.  Fingerless mitts, scarf, hat, socks.  Sometimes I look like a ragamuffin and just don’t mind.

But my Maggie, she’s no ragamuffin.

Maggie in Woolies

She looked perfectly coordinated yesterday when we went on a “bear hunt” for the cat, who lives outdoors.

Maggie in Woolies

We never did find Cat Minnie but we had a good, warm adventure.  Fortunately, you won’t be subjected to pictures of what I was wearing.  It really has me thinking that perhaps I should plan to knit a coordinating hat/mitten combo.  I could at least try to be coordinated.

Then, as usual,  we ended our adventure on the tire swing.

Maggie in Woolies

Hat: Seaman’s Cap by Brenda Zuk.  Free here.  Cascade 220.  On Ravelry.
Mittens: Handdyed, handspun BFL.  Pattern by me.  On Ravelry.  This pattern is in the works.
Sweater: October Sweater from last year.  Still fits!  Based on EZ’s Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  Cascade 220.  On Ravelry.

Maggie in Woolies

16 thoughts on “dressing warm

  1. Heh. Maggie looks *fantastic* in her lovely woolies, but I do identify with the adult ragamuffin issue . . My bloke refers to this look as ‘woolled up’. It is a look I like.

  2. LOL @ ragamuffin :o)
    I was “just” saying in my knit group over the weekend how this is the perfect time of the year where I need all of those items at once!!! Haha!

    Yes Maggie is cutie ragamuffin ;op

    Great knit investment on the sweater still fitting another year!!!

  3. i have no idea what a ragamuffin is???? but i love when people even adults wear a whole lot of woolies together. personally i am wearing my different poroms and my st. brigid together all the time and i think i look cosy and friendly ;-))
    and of course maggie looks as cute as ever. it is great when children wear a lot of woolies especially. your little one is adorable and i almost feel like i know her..

  4. What a cutiebug! Love it when everything still fits, a year later (although then I usually feel guilty for that, bc OF COURSE I want my kids to grow! LOL).

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