basket of wips

I’ve been lying to myself and to you.  My Notebook on Ravelry is not up to date.  Well, it wasn’t until just now.

Before, I had nine wips.  I’ve decided to be honest with myself and list each and every one of my current works-in-progress, bringing the grand total to 16.  I am almost certain there are more, but I’ve been looking for 20 minutes and I can’t find them.

I know I’m not alone here – knitters have a way of casting on with abandon – but it makes me uneasy having so many projects in limbo.  Some of these may eventually be unraveled, some may be finished.  There’s no telling what will happen when I get the urge to whittle down my wip number.

Some that I just added:

Dishtowel.  I couldn’t help myself; I cast on this morning.dishtowel

Fingerless Mitts.  My own pattern (available here) that I’m teaching a class on soon.fingerless mitts

Family Classic Felt Slippers.  Maggie’s Christmas present.Maggie's Christmas slippers

I try not to give myself ultimatums (“you must finish A before you’re allowed to cast on for B”) because that just sets me up for certain failure.  When I’m ready, I might finish some of these.  Many are gifts, so I’ll try really hard to finish those – it’s a good goal to strive towards.  But I’m not going to let this plethora of wips bug me.  Not too much, anyway.

Now it’s time for you to come clean.  How many wips do you really have?

9 thoughts on “honesty

  1. hehe – i like to pretend that hibernating WIPs don’t actually exist. i am pretty good at monogamy when it comes to knitting, but i do have about four hibernating WIPs and one in progress. i might have to double check! :)

  2. i have at least 8.I’m sure if i stopped to think i would count it would be like 30. to top that off i have things i made for Christmas last year that i have yet to put in my ravelry notebook.
    love the slippers for Maggie. I want to try slippers for the kids.

  3. i have one that i am sure will stay a wip for good and ever. and then i have one that i am finishing tomorrow.

    the problem is that i have so many things that i want to do. and how will i ever get to do them??
    for instance i want to do those slippers now. and i am sure i have got yarn somewhere.

  4. Oh NO! WIP Honesty? Really? Is this necessary?

    Dang. Okay. I dunno. More than on Ravelry. Maybe oh maybe 10 or so… But it’s not as if I have 16. I mean, really, uh. No, I couldn’t, could I?

    (However I now feel as if I have permission to have 15….)

  5. Well, I ripped out some of my oldest ones a few months ago. It felt really good. I think my notebook in Rav is fairly accurate, although it says there are 9, which feels like a lot to me. I like to think I finish things before I start others, but OBVIOUSLY not. 😉

  6. How many wips? Certainly way more than in my ravelry notebook. I know I have way more needles than listed in my ravelry notebook – probably because they are resting in wips. The bad thing is there are projects I want to finish before Christmas which haven’t even been started yet. That means within the next week or so I will have more wips.

  7. Hmmm, provacative question. Actually, I have a few listed, but I cleaned out two closets this past weekend and found about FIVE more I’d completely forgotten about. Luckily, although some of them were begun for my middle child who is now too big and won’t wear anything I make anyway, the baby is now big enough to fit them. Inspired by you, I’ll come clean and add them to my notebook. (moknitty is the Rav name, btw.)

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