But I’m a hat knitter!

My dear friend Lisa loves knitting dish cloths.  I didn’t used to understand.  I mean really, how many dishcloths can one knitter knit?  But she summed it up for me like this: Dishcloths are her hats.


Oh!  I get it!  When I am in need of some comfort knitting, I always, ALWAYS choose to cast on a hat.  It’s ridiculous because I have 463 hand knit hats.  Well, Lisa always chooses dish cloths as her comfort knitting.  You see?  So she’s always knitting dish cloths, and I’m always knitting hats.  Not because we need more but because we like to.

Just one problem: I’ve fallen in love with a dish cloth pattern.

almost a set of six

The pattern is the Winter Wonder Cloths from Kristen Patay.  I came across it the other day when I happened to click the Shop tab on Ravelry.  Noticing the perfect circle in a bed of lovely garter stitch, and realizing that the design is based in garter stitch (every RS row is plain K), I quickly found myself on the checkout page over at Paypal.

The description on Ravelry uses the term “addictive”.  For reals, people!  I couldn’t stop knitting them after just one or two.  Or five.  And just a few moments ago I bought two more of Kristen’s patterns; both sets of Christmas Cloths (that’s 14 more dish cloths!).  I can’t stop!

I made one tiny modification to my dish cloths: Instead of binding off on row 57, I knit one extra row and bind off on the wrong side.  This makes the top edge match the bottom edge, which has three garter ridges on the right side (before the bottom of the circle begins).

winter wonder cloths

Surely the dish cloth madness will end soon and I can get back to procrastinating with hats.  Right?

ETA:  Oops!  I forgot to mention that I added a new download to my sidebar.  It’s a FREE CHART for the old school Buffalo Bills Helmet Hat I made my Dad a while back.  Check it out here.  Thanks!

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  1. i used to crochet potholders and recently i have knitted garterstitch piggies of all my scraps of pink yarn. so we all have our little madnesses. i have noticed the dishcloth craze on many blogs. do you use them as tea towels or?? sorry for my stupid question.

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