Goodbye, 2008.

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What I Learned in Aught Eight

  1. I am happiest when my wips are all wool.
  2. Beyonce is, like, totally my favorite musical artist.
  3. “Working” from home is hard, but it is very fulfilling to have a “job”.
  4. Having a husband who keeps the fridge clean is wonderful.
  5. Knitting friends give the best presents.
  6. Making my bed in the morning gets my day off to a good start (I learned this a few years ago, but I think it’s good info to share).
  7. Cleaning out my closet was good, but as my sister-in-law said, it takes constant maintenance to keep it up.
  8. Constant maintenance to keep a clean house is a bitch.
  9. My sister changed her drink from gin & tonic to whiskey & gingerale.  I changed with her.
  10. Fingerless mitts are somewhat pointless, yet fun to knit.
  11. Cables still scare me, but not as much.
  12. Camping is pretty fun, but next time I’m definitely taking an airbed.
  13. Facebook is completely pointless, yet I can’t stop updating my status.
  14. I love being a knit blogger.
  15. My kids, I love them to death more and more every day.

What did you learn in 2008?

9 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2008.

  1. Beyonce, eh? Very lovely list, Mandy. And why haven’t we hooked up on Facebook?!? In 2008 I hope that I learned nothing in life is constant, and a little bit more about how to be Ok with that. :/

  2. oh what a great list. i love the thing about the bed. i really admire people who make their bed. yes and facebook. oh my. i sometimes think, but why don’t i knit now. iwould rather get back to those friend books from my childhood.
    cables. i dare you. you will love it.

  3. Hi Mandy! What a fun list. Totally agree with you about making the bed, seems like my mom knew what she was talking about. Speaking of which, I saw your mom outside of the drug store while I was home. Great to catch up. Hope all is well!

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