My coffee tasted like crap this morning, which was very disappointing.  It happens every once in a while.  V. disappointing indeed.

v. interesting

Maybe the coffee was bad because I was up an hour earlier than usual.  I was in bed thinking about the project I have on the pins.  After about two minutes of being awake in bed, I figured I might as well get up and knit.  Better being awake knitting than lying in bed thinking about knitting.  And I was the only one awake, so that was nice.

It’s not surprising that I’m knitting another of these little baby sweaters, but rather it’s what I’m knitting it with that is a surprise.  Peter Pan, a 100% NON-WOOL yarn.   Actually not as bad as I thought.  But I will have to knit four more 100% wool ones in order to atone for my sins.  Sorry, Elizabeth.

Yesterday I watched the DVD of this pattern I’m knitting.  Have you ever watched a knitting DVD?  I begged my library to get Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop and they finally did a while ago.  I was basically floored by it.  I suppose I thought EZ would be knitting with a glow around her, and everything would be so monumental and ethereal.  But, of course, she was knitting just like me.  I loved every second of it and I highly recommend it.

So I watched the BSJ dvd (scroll down) yesterday.  Again, brilliant.  It’s just Meg knitting away, mostly outside, on a little yellow and white sweater.  Since I’ve knit the pattern twice already, there wasn’t much new.  But it’s really very encouraging to see that one of our craft’s most respected knitters knits just like you and me.

It’s a rainy day today.  I think I might make another cup of joe and garter stitch my way to the end of this wee sweater.  That’s allowed on rainy days, right?

0 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. absolutely allowed! it’s icy and gross here!

    acrylic isn’t all bad 😀 it’s at least good for babies b/c you don’t have to handwash, right?! haha

  2. The only knitting dvds I’ve seen is a small section on finishing in one of Lucy Neatby’s videos, which taught me A LOT and I will be lobbying our library to get it, if it’s not there already!

  3. LOL @ atone for sings/thoughts of EZ on DVD…yeah so her daughter I was dissapointed too! ;op

    You know I have had BSJ onmy needles since September….and it is like an albatross for me right now….so can’t get thru it…not b/c it is hard just numbing!!!

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