Is it shocking that I brought out my spinning wheel to make yarn after months of neglect? No, I guess not.  I had a beautiful batt from Anne that has been calling to me ever since I received it on my birthday (in Oct.).

Is it shocking that I once thought these colors were pretty?

acid green

No, not at all.  Green is my favorite color after all and acid green absolutely kills me.  But this yarn is just about as close as you can get to ugly without actually being ugly. I think.  We’ll see how it knits up.

The most shocking thing.  Of all time. Ever:
When I asked Gerald (the husband) if he wanted these socks:

chunk socks

He said yes.  Shocking. He wants for nothing (besides a boat) so I was surprised – nay, shocked! – that he would enthusiastically accept a handknit other than felted slippers.  The man who never wears a sweater will now be wearing wool socks?

chunk socks


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  1. those ‘ugly colours’ remind me of basset’s allsorts. and you have times in your life when you love things you will never understand you loved again. like when i was sporting a gold lurex top a few years ago and what my friend calls youth jeans. i sold both. and now i look like my old ragga muffin self again.

  2. Can’t wait to see those two knit up into a…hat?

    The socks look warm and cozy, though let’s hope the groundhog was right and G can wear them before next winter. 70 degree days not allow for much wool sock wearing. have you started on your pair??

  3. Not shocking at all that you once thought the acid green & pink are pretty – I think they’re gorgeous! Would love to see how they knit up!

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