fiddleheads, revisited

I don’t read my old blog posts.  It’s in the past and I don’t need to hang onto it, you know?  But every once in a while I do read an old post and I’m usually surprised.  For example, I just read a post called “First Grade, Fiddleheads and Fathers” and it was quite good.  I wonder if I’ve lost that spark that used to make my blog so interesting?  Or was it ever interesting?  Not going to ponder this too much longer…

I was reading that old post because of today’s blog topic:


The Fiddlehead Mittens I sent to my sister.  I miss them so much.  I dream of them and long for them.  My sister reports that she wears them every day (long winter in AK), but there has been an empty place in my heart ever since I sent them to her.

Perhaps I am being dramatic?

To fill the void, I cast on for my own pair using a new handspun yarn, spun specifically for this pattern.  The fiber came from Maisy Day Handspun and it is corriedale.  Soft and sproingy and delish.

winter aconite

Yesterday morning I found my size 3 dpns, and began the captivating maneuver known as i-cord cast on.  It takes forever to accomplish, but I can’t tell if that’s because it takes a while or because I stop and admire the beauty of it every 33 seconds.

Then I spent all day yesterday knitting.  There was way more knitting than usual.  The thing about fiddleheads – they practically fly off the pins.

a second pair

I got up past the thumb gusset before I realized that the size 3s I thought I was using were actually size 2s.  Of course, I had a hunch.  Why else would I have checked?  But seriously, why would I knit all day like that when I knew – I just knew! – that the knitting was way tighter than it should have been?

The hand circumference is good, but not if I want to add a lining.  I think the biggest problem will be that at this gauge the mittens will probably be too short.  Also, since I’m a fiddlehead purist, I don’t want to fudge with the design, which includes a lining.

I will unravel and start again.  I guess they really will fly off the pins.

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  1. I love the colors in your new Fiddleheads. Those will be stunning. I knit 2 pairs of Fiddleheads, one for my Grandma and one for me. I wear mine every day and love love love them. :)

  2. I disagree. Still interesting.

    I think it is awesome you love the pattern enough to knit it again and to do it the way you should.

    So, what color is the lining going to be??

  3. Love your mittens, they look so complex but that’s probably cos I don’t like intarsia! I just did my first icord cast on for the Almeara Gloves and I was the same, couldn’t stop looking at it every few seconds:)

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