red white and blues

born in the USA

After much consideration (and math), I have decided to make the I Heart You sweater for child sizes only.  I apologize if I told you otherwise, but the design would have needed to be altered so much to be flattering for women. Thank you, Anne, for helping me see the light. I would have been writing two separate patterns.

The sizes will range from age 2 to 16.  Or, since kids vary so much, for a chest circumference of 20″ to 32″.

I’m working on an alternate version with some Lanaloft Sports Weight (sleeves first).  The red white & blue (tempered a bit with some Carolina Blue – Go Heels!) is so very patriotic and I so love it.  Lanaloft and Nature Spun are both awesome sport weight yarns from Brown Sheep.  Have you tried them yet?  I’m in the middle of deep infatuation with them both – even more so because they are made right here in the USA.  Lanaloft is a singles and the Nature Spun is plied.  Both knit up wonderfully.

You’d think I work for Brown Sheep.  But in fact, I do not.

7 thoughts on “red white and blues

  1. i love the red, white, and blue! and you’re right – this sweater is much better suited for children. however, i’m a 32″ bust, so maybe i can make myself a size 16 sweater 😉

  2. I heart this colourway and the Carolina blue particularly – and am intrigued by its roots as ‘dialectical’ blue. Wow. Continuous sizing is insanity inducing. However, I live in hope that I like Mai might get away with your largest size. I love the idea of going about with my clothing saying “I heart you”!

  3. It’s going to be another fabulous, and I’m glad Duke blue gets into the colorway, even though outweighed by “that other” blue. I’m a big time Brown Sheep fan too. I luvs me some wool.

  4. Quite understandable! Funny thing, though, there are women who could wear the 32″ size :) Perhaps an adult version would be more suited to having rows of hearts only on the yoke.

  5. We love it (and you!) anyway. :) I may make an attempt to mess about with it anyways, and if not, it’ll make a great doggie sweater, as I have no children. 😀

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