lots of winners

I lied. I said I was choosing three winners, but I’m feeling happy so I’m choosing five winners. I eliminated the entries from people who are not eligible (mom, sister) and from the remaining 101 entries, the random winners are:

  • Amy
  • Jolene
  • Melanie PL
  • Marie
  • Heidi

I have contacted each of the winners using the email they provided in their comments. Congratulations! And thank you for everyone who visited, left a comment, and offered their kind words. I was so excited to get over 100 comments! That was a first.

For everyone who is interested in the hat pattern, End of May is now on sale! Head on over to Ravelry to download your copy for $5. Thank you!!

To try and get back to some normal blogging routine (as if there ever was one) I’ll start with a picture from our camping trip this past week.

Jerry and Mag on the Blue Ridge

We went to Linville Falls Campground, in the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains. We finally smartened up and took an air mattress. What a difference!

I knit on a sock and I neglected to take even one camping-with-sock picture. But I did take a bunch of other pictures.

First, Maggie, with a shirt that shows signs of living outdoors for a few days. We were on a hike under the Linn Cove Viaduct.


And Jerry, my sweet, mini-mohawked boy who is a true, true camper.

Linville River

They caught two of the tiniest fish ever…I will spare you the pictures.  Of course, it didn’t matter how small the fish were, the kids were both so excited to be fishing.

We had a great time, and already we can’t wait for our next trip.

A little housekeeping note: I realize that the blog is not displaying correctly in all browsers. The posts should appear on white and the green background should only be at the edges of your screen. I am working on solving this problem and thank you for your patience.

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  1. YAY!!! I went to Ravelry and bought the End of May hat pattern. I just wish I didn’t have so darn much stuff on my needles already so I could start tonight. I haven’t been camping for years…looks like you and yours had a great time.

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