it’s the stripes

plain boy sweater

I’ve prodded myself with knitting needles, sure. But yesterday I actually drew blood. I’m using a 24″ bamboo circular, maker unknown, to knit this new sweater. The points are some of my favorite, with their gentle slope to the tip. But I didn’t realize how pokey these 3.5 mms really were until I jabbed the back of my hand.  Okay, I’m exaggerating. There wasn’t much blood – a drop? – but I did break skin and that was a first.

I’m knitting a stripey sweater and it’s for my boy, Jerry, who is now 7. The construction is circular and seamless, but at this point that’s all I know. I am going to investigate the saddle shouldered version to see if it will work with stripes, but I’m also considering just plain raglan, and maybe even yoke. It will certainly have a v-neck. I wonder if v-neck would work with a yoke?

plain boy sweater

There has been plenty of stripey inspiration for this, including Jared Flood’s Alberta, Adrian Bizilia’s handspun version, and Kirsten Kapur’s vest for her son. My stripes are different, and this isn’t a vest, but that’s not the point. As much as I love colorwork, I think the simplicity of just stripes really suits boys (or men, be that as it may). I think the wide stripes are classic. If that makes this is preppy sweater then I guess you could say I like preppy.

After I stabbed myself with the needle (at the playground, where knitting ’round and ’round and ’round is the perfect sort of knitting) I looked down to see the biggest bruise ever on my leg and I have no recollection of the injury. I have a slight memory of saying “OUCH” really loudly and Maggie asking me why I said “OUCH” (“Because I got HURT!”) but that happens often because I have low tolerance for pain.

I do, however, have high tolerance for endless stockinette. Future knitting injuries aside, I see this stiped sweater nearing completion really, really soon.

3 thoughts on “it’s the stripes

  1. Owie! double massacree at the playground. Hope your boo-boos are getting better.

    A yoke with a steeked button placket I can see. Can’t imagine how to get to a v-neck, but why not?

    Waiting for the details with ‘bated breath. No, I’m not really holding my breath, but I do really want to see what turns out under your speedy needles this time.

  2. Sorry to hear it has been a painful day of knitting. However, I just wanted to comment on the sweater, I think it looks gorgeous and I love the colour combination!

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