Notes on a Manifesto

Thanks to Twitter, I knew about Interweave’s  Hurt Book Sale moments after it went live and had placed my order within minutes. One of the books I got was Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia and I have already read the whole thing. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how surprised I was to learn about all the varied techniques for casting on and other new (to me) things such as the Roositud Inlay.

One sentence that caught my eye is from the pattern introduction for Laila’s Socks on p. 86, where Bush remarks: “I didn’t worry about where the stripes met at the beginning of the rounds, since I’ve noticed that many folk knitters weren’t the least bothered by little ‘jogs.'”


I’ve been thinking about jogs a whole bunch lately with all the knitting I’ve been doing on Jerry’s striped sweater. The picture above shows a sleeve with the increases and beginning of round business all happening together. A hot joggy mess, if there ever was one. I have done nothing at all to make anything jogless, because I actually like the jogs and it’ll look a lot better once I neatly weave in ends and block.

There are many resources in magazines and online for making jogless stripes. I’ve tried it before and I think I prefer to know where my beginning of round is. It reminds me my garment was handknit. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I made it just the way I wanted. I was relieved to hear, from Nancy Bush of all people, that jogs are okay.

This is all part of my Knitting Manifesto, which I’ve been writing in my head since, well, I guess since I started knitting. It changes often; sometimes dramatically (remember when I used to think garter stitch was too plain?!?) or sometimes just a little (like now with my stand on jogs). But it drives my knitting choices and it influences how I feel about my craft, my art, my business – whatever you want to call it.

I’m going to try to get my Manifesto out of my head and onto the blog, but for now I’m wondering if you have something like this? Do you have big or little beliefs about your knitting?  I’m just curious.

And also, I would like to knit each and every project in the Folk Knitting in Estonia book. Hello? AWESOME.

3 thoughts on “Notes on a Manifesto

  1. This is very interesting — in general, but particularly as I feel *exactly* the same about the jog/beginning of round issue — and was thinking about how and why I like it just the other day! Hurrah for Nancy Bush. I have many of these little beliefs / ticks – many are habitual, and like many habits, hard to break. Sometimes they achieve the same kind of status as political convictions (“this is really the *best* way to decrease” &c) but sometimes they can feel like impediments (“I only ever knit on circs. Is there something wrong with me?”). I also have a weird aversion to moss stitch that I can’t explain at all . . .

    I always enjoy the way you write about technique, so am looking forward to your manifesto.

  2. Thanks to Interweaves Hurt Book Sale I, too, bought a copy of Nancy’s Bush’s book. The history section is a must-read and those cast-ons make the book worth twice the price at full retail. I’m adding several of her patterns to my list on Ravelry, (after your terrific Zig Zag Study Hall Mitts).

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