celery socks

I’m not a fan of the celery. I used to, with great caution, pick every bit of it out of my food. I’ve mellowed somewhat and will eat celery when it appears as it should (cooked – as in a mirepoix) but still, I just don’t like the taste very much.

But the color of celery is pretty, no? These socks I knit, in a color of Lorna’s Laces called Carol Green, are very celery-ish. So when I wrote the pattern up and it came time to give it a name, they screamed CELERY!

celery socks

I also like that when you say “celery socks” it sounds like “celery stalks.” Yes, I can be easily amused. I’ve been walking around saying it to myself, or sometimes out loud, “socks…stalks…socks…stalks” and pondering the similarities. If you say celery socks fast enough it sounds like celery stalks. Go try it now. See?

I’ve been working on this pattern for! ever! It was such a long time ago that I worked out how to make the short-row garter stitch toe. I’ve knit a bunch of these toes since and I’m in love with this construction. The best part of the garter stitch toe (and heel) is it’s inherent stretchiness, and there is a roomy and comfortable quality to the sock. You really have to knit this for yourself and try it on to see what I’m talking about. You really must.

And now you can!  The pattern is up for sale and you can buy it on Ravelry or click the button on the bottom of the post to get your very own copy of the Celery Socks pattern. The socks are knit toe-up beginning with a crochet provisional cast on that is explained in detail in the pattern. The zigzaggy stitch pattern on the leg really sings with solid or semi-solid yarns.

You can use any fingering weight sock yarn for this pattern, and depending on your gauge, achieve a wide range of sizes. Click the Celery Socks pattern page for more details, or find similar info on the Ravelry pattern page for Celery Socks.

Thank you! (And thanks to Lisa for being a patient and professional foot model; and for putting celery in that salad the other day.)

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  1. I love the name! Celery is a favorite for me…especially in V8 juice for a mock bloody mary.

    Glad to see them finished and published. I agree with Holly, though my address is much closer! :)

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