what just happened (manifesto)

I knit a little shawl.

silk kerchief

It all happened so quick I barely remember the details. I didn’t enter the project in Ravelry (until just now). I didn’t write down my color numbers. I think I used a size 3 needle but maybe it was a 4. It was as if I went away for a few days and came back with a little shawl but couldn’t remember how I got the little shawl.

silk kerchief

Here’s what I know. Noro was on sale at the yarn shop and I have wanted to knit this little (but pricey) Silk Kerchief from Zeitgeist Yarns for a long time. So I got the yarn on sale, but I was in the middle of Jerry’s Stripey Sweater. Although I usually don’t give myself rules like “finish such-and-such before you start so-and-so;” I did this time. I made myself finish Jerry’s sweater and then very soon after (mere minutes) I cast on for this bitty shawl.

silk kerchief

And then Lisa and I were knitting it as a 2-person knitalong but because I went on the bender I finished weeks ago and she’s just now getting to the bind off. The garter stitch messes with my head in the best way and I love it so much.

silk kerchief

If I could only ever knit garter stitch, I think I might be okay with that. In fact, that’s definitely part of my manifesto. If all the other stitches in the world were outlawed and garter stitch were the only thing we could knit, I’d be pretty happy. I love the challenge of knitting, but sometimes the simplest things can be awfully rewarding. Even if you can’t quite remember how you got to the end.

8 thoughts on “what just happened (manifesto)

  1. You are kind to say that you went on a gart-ender and implied I knit at a “normal” pace. Rather, I went on a NON bender, if there is such a thing and I am FINALLY getting to the end of the shawl.

    It looks great. I love your color choices and how the thing thurned out all heathery and muted not garishly bright and hideous.

    Will there be a showdown in B-lo over that shawl. Spoth women gone wild over garter shawl?

  2. Those are my preferred kind of projects. I have long queue of things I want to knit, and for some I even have the yarn an needles ready but then suddenly I go on tangent and do something completely different from the plan. Sometimes trigered by yarn, sometimes by a pattern or just to give space to spontaneity. Your shawl looks great. I love the weight of the silk and how it drapes.

  3. It looks so simple but I think if I attempted to create my own pattern based simply on looking at it, I would most certainly not have a lovely shawl at the end, but rather… a piece destined to become a scrap towel or something!

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