Empty House

Jerry is back in school and the house is empty. Maggie and I are still here, of course, but Jerry just has a way of filling up the house (with noise, toys, exuberance) that when he’s suddenly gone we really miss him.

First Day 2009

I hope he’s having a great first day of 2nd grade!

Me? I’ve found something to keep myself busy and – no surprise – it’s some new knitting*.

back to schoolswatch in Nature Spun Sport
6 sts per inch on US 4 needle

I swatched that bit of argyle last night and today I’m trying to work out just the right colors without buying any new yarn. Ergo, I believe this will have to be a vest since I don’t have enough of a main color to make sleeves.

There has been a dumping of the bins (really, one of my favorite pastimes) and I think I’m going to make it work with some blues and grays and black that I have in the Lanaloft Sports Weight. Just wait ’til you see!

*All old knitting, coincidentally, has been completely abandoned in favor of this new, exciting project. I am so very easily distracted.

4 thoughts on “Empty House

  1. Aw :( My girl is starting first grade this Monday and I know I will miss her. At least you have Maggie, though. I have my dog, but she doesn’t talk back to me! :)

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