Kevin & Kara's Afghan
at Mom & Dad’s house in Buffalo

A late night picture of a big project.

That’s my sister, Holly, holding the wedding afghan we made for our cousin and his new wife. Holly knit half of the purple and yellow strip and I knit the whole purple and orange strip. Other knitters include my cousin-in-law Jen, my Mom, my aunts Char, Jane, Jeanne, and Jean, and my cousins Andrea (sister of the groom) and Liz. That’s 10 knitters!

Do you recognize the pattern? It’s on the cover of the book Knitalong by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown. The pattern is called Olive’s Afghan and it is the perfect project for a group knitalong…as long as you make sure everyone is knitting at the correct gauge!!

We thought there would be trouble when the strips started arriving and some were skinny and tightly knitted while others were loose and BIG. Luckily, Aunt Jean had a brilliant revelation before the strips were sewn together. We were all admiring the afghan laid out on the floor and pondering what to do with “the big one” when Aunt Jean suggested that I simply unravel two of the stripes from “the big one.” Wouldn’t you know, that worked! So one of the strips has two fewer stripes and you wouldn’t notice if I hadn’t told you.

We used Ultra Alpaca just like in the pattern and it is one cozy blanket. We tried to match the colors of the original, but although my LYS has a great selection of the Ultra Alpaca we had to do some substituting. Here is a better picture of the colors, in the daytime:

Kevin & Kara's Afghan
That’s not the final layout, I didn’t like the two yellows as neighbors.

I used a whip stitch in a contrasting yarn to join the pieces. Then I steam blocked the seams and that made a surprisingly huge difference in the final appearance. I’m an advocate of wet-blocking, but steam blocking is just about as good. I’m learning every day.

The newlyweds, they’re so sweet and I don’t think they’d disagree if I described them as having a “funky” style. So the bold colors and bold design of this afghan suits them well. And I made sure to tell the bride (who is a craftster, but not a knitter) to TAKE GREAT CARE IF YOU NEED TO CLEAN IT. I hope she got the message.

Kevin & Kara's Afghan

I’ve got a bunch of cousins who are mostly younger than me and mostly unmarried, but there are no engaged couples right now, as far as I know. This group afghan thing is so fun (the other wedding afghan made by the family is documented here and here) that I hope we get to do it again soon. Go on cousins! Get engaged!

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  1. It looks great in the pictures. It was FUN to do, although all I did was pick out the yarn with you and knit a strip. What should we do next, and who will we knit for?

    • The blanket looks awesome! I enjoyed that yarn; it was warm and felt so luxurious especially once the panel got longer. Great job putting it together. Thanks for sharing the finished product pictures.

      As far as who’s next…my question is: what pattern are we going to use for the newest cousin, Erin?! :)

  2. This is so pretty! And you are genius for outsourcing the project to 7 other family members. I am making this afghan on my own (just finished 6 out of 8 panels) and it’s taking me forever because the garter stitch can get so repetitive.

  3. You are a wonderful knitting team leader! You pick out the best yarns and the colors are awesome. Thanks again for taking on these projects and connecting our knitting. It was so much fun thinking of family while doing this. How our family continues to grow!

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