I fear it was just a few days ago that I extolled hat knitting. Today, then, I will simply show you the one I just finished, and hope you will remember all the reasons why I really love knitting hats. And boy do I ever love this one that just flew off my needles.

new fave

Pattern: LAUREL by Jared Flood, in his new pattern book Made in Brooklyn.
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca, color 6275, 1 skein.
My project on Ravelry.

My mother-in-law, upon seeing me model it yesterday, said it is the best hat that was ever on my head. I agree.

new fave

The fit is perfect. In the book, the hat is modeled as a beret. Since I have a big head I decided to not block it over a plate and keep the beanie shape. The only modification I made was to knit the ribbing at the beginning for about 1.75″ instead of 1″ as it says in the pattern.

new fave

Jared (no, we are not on a first name basis, I just pretend that we are) is probably my favorite designer out there. The thing I love about his new book is that all his patterns are so knittable and wearable. With the exception of the large square lace shawl (I love it but probably would never knit it) I think I want to knit all the projects  in the book. Everything I have always loved about brooklyntweed all gathered up in a beautiful collection. I hope we see more pattern books from him!

new fave

new fave

Next? Matching mittens!

It’s a miracle, but this hat is making me feel stylish! I’ll be a ragamuffin no more!

15 thoughts on “laurel

  1. I should have known you’d finished the hat. PLEASE don’t finish the shawl by Wednesday…you promised…sort of anyway.

    It looks great!!!! I agree with your MIL!!!! Sorry for all the exclamations.

    !!!!!!! :)

  2. What a beautiful hat! The green looks so good with your coloring…your mil is right! I just picked up the book this weekend and now have a whole slew of new projects that I want to make.

  3. I saw this and immediately thought of wine grapes and Greece for some reason. I love wine but have never been to Greece, so the correlation is really unknown to me, but let me just say that it is undoubtedly a lovely hat!!

  4. The hat does look fantastic on you, and the color is perfect. I love BT’s patterns too but I havent knit any as yet. I really like his book though after seeing some previews on the web. I cant wait for his book to make it here so I can buy it.

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