End of May Mittens

October – this October in particular because this is the month in which I will turn 30 – is looking very, very good. For starters, I found out on Oct. 1 that I was a winner of a big contest.  The End of May Hat won 3rd prize in Annie Modesitt’s 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats book contest. The pattern will be published in an actual book!  When I designed that hat I really thought I had a stunner on my hands. I am very proud of the design and to get this sort of recognition is so very exciting.

end of may mittens

Another good thing about October is that I have finished a new mitten design!  The End of May Mittens are, as you can see, are based on the hat. The Very Big Flowers are addicting. Working in a light worsted weight yarn allows you to see quick progress. I love the geometric diamonds on the palm that echo the diamonds in the center of each flower.  Yes, I am proud of this design, too.

end of may mittens

I had a pair of expert eyes help me put the finishing touches on the pattern.  Asplund, who I first admired on Flickr, and whose knitting I drool over regularly, was a great help. Thank you!

end of may mittens

If you want more details about the mittens, please see the End of May Mittens page. You can queue, fave and buy the pattern for $5 on Ravelry here.  If you are impulsive (like me) and are ready to make your purchase, then here you go:


Other good things about October? Well, some of the excitement is being kept under wraps for a while.  I’ll tell you more soon.  But something I can tell you about is the EGG. On Thursday evening, after spending the day in a daze over the news of the contest and ignoring laundry, the kids came running up the hill with the very first egg from our chickens.


That tiny brown egg was the most anticipated egg in the history of the world. Maggie found it. Gerald hard boiled it, cut it into four small sections, and we each enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Yum.  We got another one this morning. With 6 hens we might soon be up to our eyeballs in eggs (or maybe not because the weather is cooling off), but for now we’re just enjoying the novelty of it all.

October. Lovely.

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  1. Wow, happy October, indeed! Congrats about your hat pattern… that’s fantastic and I’m not surprised though — it looks like a very cute and unique pattern. I’m excited to knit it up with mittens to match. Also — happy 30th!

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