two scarves

I’m working on the first sleeve of my February Lady Sweater, which basically means I am working on everything but the sleeve.  Hello! Sleeve Island! I’m picking up old projects and casting on new ones without a care in the world. I can only hope that mojo for the FLS sleeves will come barreling at me and I’ll be unable to ignore it and they’ll be knit in a few days. Hashtag hopeful!

One thing I cast on for was a scarf for my Maggie. I can’t remember what prompted her to ask, but she didn’t have a scarf and she could not handle that. That same day I came across two half skeins of Baby Alpaca Grande, and I instantly thought of a lengthwise garter stitch scarf – and tada! – I finished it yesterday.

maggie's scarf

This yarn is soft. For the last minute or so I’ve tried to think of the words to describe how soft it is, but instead I just have to tell you: soft. Perfect for a scarf to go aroundMaggie’s neck. I wish I had enough for mittens and a hat.

Pattern: None. I made a 10-minute swatch to get an idea of gauge. Then I draped a measuring tape around Maggie’s neck to see about how long it should be and the resulting gauge x desired length gave me a cast on of 140 sts.  I cast on but didn’t even double check the number of stitches. It’s really hard to screw this one up. I carried both yarns the whole time so there were only a couple of ends to weave in. The fringe used up every last inch of yarn.

I bound off with a needle two sizes bigger than the one I knit it for to keep the cast-on/bind-off edges similar in elasticity.

There is a free Through the Loops pattern called Kersti Stripe Scarf that I had in mind, but I didn’t even consult that pattern because the whole idea is very simple.

maggie's scarf

I also finished a scarf that has been on the needles for! ever!

noro stripes

The famous Noro Striped Scarf. I used Silk Garden in the colors: I Can’t Remember & I Dunno (two balls each). The colors are underwhelming and frankly, the only way I could wear this and not look like a ragamuffin is to not wear any other handknits. Not that I’ll do that. If the weather calls for one handknit, then in my opinion, it calls for as many as possible. Am I right or am I right? If I’m being completely honest, as much as I talk about looking like a ragamuffin, I don’t think I really mind looking like one.

noro stripes

But anyway. I like the scarf. I’m going to keep it until I find someone to give it to. And in fact, I’m wearing it right now and will keep it on all day (don’t you do that with a freshly finished knit?).

I knit this scarf in 1×1 ribbing on my favorite set of Crystal Palace size US 7, 9″ straight bamboo needles. I started it on January 2, 2009 and just finished it this morning. So glad to be done!

Oh!  And look! While I was writing this post, I got a picture of Mags in her scarf!

maggie in her scarf

It’s hard to beat a kid-in-handknit pic, but the picture I really wanted to show you is the wool basket. The new scarves will live here, among all sorts of other ragamuffiny things I have knit. I love that it’s so stuffed full (and it’s one of two baskets!).


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  1. The pink tone on tone scarf is so pretty…I need to make one like it.

    I like how your Noro scarf turned out. I don’t think an ugly version of that scarf could ever be made.

    Love seeing your handknit basket!

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