Old Tomten

Time passes quickly, doesn’t it? It is hard not to be weepy as I search out these old pictures and put them into this post. My babies aren’t babies. They’re actual people with thoughts and ideas and personalities and insight into the world. Life just flies by.

The dates for the pictures are below each one.

Just learning to walk. January 14, 2007 (original post)

tomten: unzipping
Still zipped (from the “Zipped, Unzipping, Unzipped” Series) September 11, 2007

handspun mittens
How big is Maggie? SOOO BIG. (post about the mittens) December 3, 2007

Tire Swing
Tire swinging. April 7, 2008

the sled is bigger than Maggie
Big snow, with Tomten (you can see the hood) under the coat for warmth. January 20, 2009

Still fits. January 9, 2010

What a sweater! It’s part of Maggie’s life, and a dear part of my memories. She hasn’t worn it much over the past year, but I’m pleased to see it still fits. It desperately needs some zipper attention. When I put the zipper in, more than two years ago, I had not yet developed my patience for finishing.  If I were to fix the zipper, I think I would take it all the way out and start over.  Do it right this time. Maybe even get a better zipper.

I wonder, will it fit in another year? I hope it will. Good old Tomten.

8 thoughts on “Old Tomten

  1. Wow… that’s going to be a sad day when it no longer fits. I wonder…. who will be more sad, you or her? This post really honors hand knits and I found it quite special.

  2. (coming over from Ravelry) Wow, what an amazing life that sweater has had. I’ve sworn off knitting for my kids since they don’t seem to wear what I make them, though I did make them some mittens this year.

  3. i remember looking at the first picture when i started knitting my first tomten. that was over three years ago? my how time flies. now i am thinking of knitting my almost three year old twins a set. gotta love EZ, she never goes out of style.

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