I’ve been knitting. A lot. It’s just secret stuff for now, but I’ve got some awesome things in the pipeline. For now, they’re hidden in the bag:

sweet yarn bag

This sweet little bag was a gift from my friend, Jen. She has recently started making them and selling them in her etsy shop, yarn play cafe. There’s a blog, too.

Funny story. So Jen sent me the bag before Christmas and I ripped open the package, got very excited about it, then set the bag down and forgot about it. Actually, I think the bag came the day I had my second knitting class with the students at Jerry’s school.  I was busy and nervous and when I got home from class the bag was nowhere. Nowhere! I asked the kids but no one had a clue. The bag was missing for days! Weeks!  I was so embarrassed that I had received such a beautiful handmade gift and then I had gone and lost it. I looked and looked but couldn’t find it. It finally turned up one day when I was looking for something else. It was behind my bedside table, under other stuff, and I really do wish I knew how it got there.

Jen keeps adding new styles of bags with all sorts of cool sayings on them. It’s all I can do not to buy one of each. Thanks, Jen.

As for the secret knitting projects? They’re awesome. And you’re gonna love them. No kidding. But my lips are sealed for now!

Oh! And I almost forgot! I made a very sizable donation to Doctor’s Without Borders, thanks to all the wonderful knitters who bought an End of May pattern from Jan. 15 – Jan 31st.  I feel so privileged to be able to help, and I couldn’t have been so generous without all of your purchases. A big thanks to each and every one of you.

And to close it down for today, here are some SNOW pictures from our very snowy last week. All pictures, I’ll have you know, feature hand-knits.

Jerry & Maggie

large icicle

Me in the snow.


In that last one, I’m wearing one of the first hats I ever knit! It was knit back and forth and then I actually seamed it! Mattress stitch FTW!

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  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning it Mandy, and for the compliments. Stuff goes totally missing in my house, too. Like the time our daughter slyly put her favorite stuffed animal (Piggy) in the drawer of the stepstool where we keep *nothing*. We couldn’t find him for three months, and everyone at preschool kept asking if we’d throw Piggy away.

  2. Those bags rock! I think that will be on the birthday list, if there are any left. It looks like you guys had quite the fun day in the snow. I have to ask – how do you get in on the secret knitting action? I just think that is neat, secret knitting — oooo!

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