my Jerry

One night at dinner, I said, “I did not know that.” I was referring to something Gerald had said, the subject of which has long been forgotten.  A few minutes later, in complete context, Maggie said it. “I did not know that.” Coming from a three year old, it was freakin hilarious. We all cracked up. Since then, there has been much discussion of who, in our house, is funny.

Poor Jerry; he often tries to drop in an “I did not know that.” But his timing is always off. It’s really not funny when he says it, ever. I feel bad for him, especially because he feels like if he could just nail this one joke, he’d be the man of the hour.

The thing is, most of what Jerry says is funny. Not usually laugh out loud funny, but seriously, quietly funny. He’s been reading The Guinness Book of World Records. About once a day out of the blue, he’ll tell you the world record for something.  So funny. I wish he wasn’t so concerned about this one particular joke. He’s a funny, funny kid. I love him so much that it sounds silly just saying I love him.

For Christmas, I knew Jerry wanted to buy me yarn (he’s funny and smart). So I filled out the “wish list” cards they had at my LYS and sent Gerald off with the kids one Saturday. On Christmas morning, I got two gorgeous skeins of Cascade 220. One bright blue. One bright orange.  Beautiful. This weekend, I finally got around to making him a hat.

my Jerry

The pattern is Kirsten Kapur’s Wood Hollow Hat. I used a size 5 needle (instead of a 6) and made the ribbing a bit shorter than in the pattern. Jerry is 7, but he’s got quite a noggin. This fits him perfectly.

The yarn, of course, is Cascade 220. The color is…9457, one of The Heathers. It took less than a skein, even with the ginormous pompom.

Wood Hollow

Jerry doesn’t really want the pompom, so he requested it be made removeable. “Like with a tie-clip or something.”

I couldn’t help myself and had to make the pompom anyway, even though I knew he didn’t want it.

my Jerry

my Jerry

That last picture immediately reminded me of another back porch photo shoot we had nearly 3 years ago. My how time flies:

Tasseled Fezmarch 2007

He’s all big now.

my Jerry

And funny as hell.

my Jerry

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  1. Your little boy has grown up so much hasnt he. He looks quite cute with his freckles. Freckles are loved in our house!! I love the hat. might have to take a peek at that pattern.

  2. that hat is awesome. the color is perfect! and wow, three years since that photo was taken!? he’s so big now! that last photo of him and mags together is hilarious :)

  3. I’m at the school and I cannot see the pictures… Urgh. I know they are wonderful, having seen boy, patter, and yarn all individually.

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