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I crocheted what feels like a hundred potholders. I originally planned to participate in this year’s Potholder Swap! but the timing just didn’t work out. I had already made a bunch of little pieces, but then I got busy with the Graveyard Socks and other things. No swap for me. Sad, especially because last year I got the best bunch of potholders ever.

But then the yarn store I teach at, Common Threads Yarn Shop, decided to have a ‘little cotton gifts’ workshop. Potholders are, of course, the perfect little cotton gift. Yay! This Saturday (Apr. 10 from 11am – 2pm) I get to share my growing love for crochet with the masses at the yarn shop. The workshop is free, you don’t need to sign up, and there will be free patterns for a number of little cotton gifts.

Maggie's Kitchen

The pattern for my little potholders is based on and inspired by Bea Aarebrot’s Crochet Potholder pattern. With Bea’s permission, I will be publishing my own version, complete with five edging choices, and offering it for free download. I’m polishing up the pattern as we speak, and should post it by the beginning of next week.

Maggie's Kitchen

Another project I’ve been working on is my Saroyan Shawl. I’ll be teaching a project class for the shawl on April 17th at Common Threads. The design is fantastic, fun to knit, and I used a really, really fun yarn – Silky Wool (or as Cindy calls it, Silly Wool).

Saroyan Shawl
on display at the shop

Saroyan Shawl
looks better on the dress form than on me

Keep an eye out for the free crochet pattern! It’ll be ready soon…

4 thoughts on “latest projects

  1. I didn’t say this, but the pattern looks great and I love the name.

    Can I say the name? The name rocks. I won’t spoil the surprise.

  2. I missed out on the swap this time around too! I’m thinking I might whip some up as Christmas presents when August rolls around and want anything heavy and wooly in my hands. I’m looking forward to your pattern!

  3. All these potholders I’ve been seeing really give me the urge to learn crochet!

    I love your Saroyan. It’s beautiful in the Silky Wool!

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