Northman Mittens

Northman Mittens
Both mittens are now blocked!

Pattern: Northman Mittens by David Schulz.
Needles: US 3, dpns.
Yarn: Cascade 220 and Plymouth Galway Tweed. (colors are unknown, these came from my “worsted wool” bin and I’ve lost the tags)

These mittens were pure fun to knit. I really enjoy making colorwork mittens with worsted weight yarn; they work up quickly and the resulting mittens are very warm.

Northman Mittens

I made two modifications. I altered half of the thumb chart to match the gusset section of the thumb (see the original thumb here). It took hardly any effort to do this. I didn’t need to chart it out or anything, I just continued the very simple pattern from the gusset up the thumb.

Northman Mittens

I like how my thumb works, but I admit, the way it was originally written makes for a visually more interesting mitten.

The other modification I made is that I haven’t knit a lining for them. I still might, but I’ve got to sit on it for a while first. If these mittens are mine then adding a lining would make them too small (and too warm for my climate). If I give them away then I’d most definitely add a lining. Undecided.

Northman Mittens

I’ve knit a buttload of mittens in my day, but surprisingly, none with this style of thumb. I even tried designing a thumb like this once and failed miserably because I couldn’t wrap my head around the structure. So I decided to get this pattern not only because I like the colorwork pattern, but also because I wanted a thumb lesson.

One of the reasons I have not knit this kind of thumb is because I had an idea in my head that it wouldn’t fit as well as the gore thumb (like these). But I had never tried it myself. Knitting these mittens was a test to either prove my theory, or debunk it. I, in fact, do not like the way this thumb fits and I can go on knitting and designing gore thumbs without worrying if I’m letting myself or others down by completely ignoring a viable form of thumb knitting.

Not that I think my way of knitting thumbs is better than your way. I have found what works for me, and I can get on with it now.

Northman Mittens

Phew. It feels so good to get the whole thumb discussion off my chest. You really have no idea how much time I spend thinking about thumbs. Heh.

4 thoughts on “Northman Mittens

  1. Pretty! Do you keep all of these mittens you knit? If so, you must have the best-dressed hands in the Piedmont! I’ve only made one pair but really want to try the Fiddleheads!

  2. They are beautiful and I love the colors you used! That’s good to know about the Gore thumb. I have the Selbuvotter book, but the thumbs look so intimidating.

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