plain socks

I’m in the home stretch on a pair of toe-up, plain socks.

current wipmost of sock#2

I find plenty of beautiful, intricate sock patterns that I’d love to make, but I always fall back on my old standby. The pattern is You’re Putting Me On by Judy Gibson.

Generally, I start a sock without even thinking much about the numbers or the eventual size.  I start with what I like to call a “10-minute Swatch” just to be sure my needles and yarn are happy together. Then I cast on using the sort-of tricky, but ultimately kick ass Figure-8 Cast On. The toe increases are accomplished with a kfb or sometimes a m1, whatever I’m feeling in the moment.  It’s before I complete the toe increases that I locate my scribble laden copy of the pattern and make sure I match one of the numbers given.

The Generic version of the pattern lets you choose from a slew of foot stitches (from 32 to 80 foot sts, depending on your yarn, gauge, and desired finished size) and gives you all the numbers to plug in for your size. These particular socks started with 12 sts on each needle at the toe, and I increased to 64 using kfb. I’m knitting them on 1.5 (2.5mm) needles.

Socks, to me, are what I knit when I have nothing else to knit. Or when I need a small something in my bag. I don’t love knitting socks like I love knitting other things, but I do love wearing them. I also have a very important person in my life who wants for nothing…but handknit socks.

It’s just coincidence that these will be ready by Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t have planned it any better!

All I can hope for now is that I didn’t just curse myself by saying “these will be ready.”  Now something crazy will happen like I sit on a needle and break it. Oh, why did I just say that?

current wipall of sock #1

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