I know from experience that knitters take fewer classes at their lys’s during the hot summer months. But my friend Cindy, being the talented and inspiring knitting instructor that she is, continues with her classes all summer long!

Cindy asked me to be a guest instructor at one of her classes to teach her students about…steeking! Of course I said yes, and I knit up my own pulse warmer pattern – Amazonium – which was conceived especially for teaching knitters the art of the crocheted steek.

steeked pulsewarmers

Both pulse warmers are knit at the same time, in the round, with two steeks that are cut open after the knitting and reinforcing. Then you finish the edges and put on buttons.

After using my sample to demonstrate the crochet reinforcement during class, I knew I had to finish the pair, so I sat down today to snap some pictures and knit the remaining edgings.

steeked pulsewarmers

I think the most interesting thing about steeking is that it takes careful prep work and careful finishing. There are lots of ends created during the process, and you need to spend some quality time with your knitting to make it look its best. The easiest part, in my opinion, is the cutting part.

steeked pulsewarmers

Of course, the students could not believe they were taking a pair of scissors to their projects. It was funny. I love that. Showing them something new. Holding their hands a bit. Making them suck it up. Love that.

Maybe they’re all going to be crazypants steekers now. You never know.

steeked pulsewarmers

After the class was over, I was browsing the buttons and found these cute little orange ones for $1.35 and bought them. Of course, I only bought the three, totally brain-farting because I actually need SIX. Can I blame the wool fumes?


My Ravelry project page for these little guys currently shows I am 95% done. Three little buttons to sew on (Cindy is a doll and will hand deliver them to me!) and a quick bath and they’ll be ready for…winter. Heh.

These pulse warmers are a really quick little project. If you’ve never steeked before, what are you waiting for? The pattern is available for $6 as an instant download. You could be steeking in a few hours!

Amazonium: steeked pulse warmers
more info here, on Ravelry, or click the button below

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  1. Ugh I wish I had known about this project! This is the perfect steeking lesson project!!! I managed to get through mine (I was much more worried about putting in a zipper than the cutting to be honest). I think you should stalk the forums at Ravelry and whenever someone is asking about steeking, point them this way ; )

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