I knit mostly for myself and my immediate family. The kids get sweaters, my mother-in-law gets socks, other family get hats…sometimes. Maybe it’s selfish, but considering that much of what I knit is for my own patterns, I call it business.

But when my Aunt asked me to knit a sweater for a bear, I just could not say no. People rarely ask me to knit things for them* so I was pretty excited about it. My Aunt made the bear herself (a long time ago it seems, since I had to make some repairs to it) and she wanted to give it to her first great grandbaby, with a personalized sweater.

*Except for the random acquaintance who wants a hat but has absolutely no idea what goes into knitting a hat. You don’t know how many people from my hometown have asked me to knit them a Buffalo Bills hat!  I usually either quote them the fair price of $300 or show them this picture.

Anyway. I knit a vest for a bear!

i knit for bears

The name on his belly is “paxtyn”. How cute is that name? I briefly considered doing a proper sweater, but the shape of the bear’s arms seemed better suited to a vest.

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the design. At first I thought I’d do something stripety in worsted weight yarn, but I thought the vest would be better out of a thinner yarn. I ended up using Ultra Alpaca Light.

i knit for bears

There were, ahem, gauge issues. After knitting the “paxtyn” section I took the knitting off the needle and realized it was about 5 inches too wide. Although I thought I’d avoid the use of a steek for such a small sweater, I reinforced the knitting and cut out the extra fabric. That made for some extra finishing work, but I’m really, really pleased with how it came out.

i knit for bears

Knitting a vest for a bear for my first cousin twice removed was pretty fun, I’ll have to say. The knitting was quick and the design of it stretched my brain just a little. That’s always good, right? Figuring out all the little parts to make it look just so. I also thought about the new baby and his mom a lot, and that, I realize, is the fun of knitting for others.

I sure hope they love having the old bear and its new vest. I sure loved making it.

4 thoughts on “bear

  1. How cute is that? Just look how his eyes precisely match that shade of blue? I love the back button fastening…I seem to be unable to stop cutting into my knitting at the moment…steeks agogo!

  2. Very cute! Is the bear Paxtyn or is the baby Paxtyn? Either way, the bear and vest and adorable. One time a lady in the waiting area of Jiffy Lube tried to convince me to knit her a pair of socks. Ummm, I just met you! Clearly she didn’t know how many stitches go into a pair of socks! Check out my blog. Radio Frequency Mittens are finally up.

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