I should have taken more pictures of this vest in progress, but I was too busy knitting it! I have finished weaving in all the ends but there’s still one small detail left to do before I call this finished. It’s something I’ve been meaning to put on a Maggie sweater for some time. Any guesses?

vest for Maggie

vest for Maggie

vest for Maggie

It will get a pocket! As an afterthought (though I planned it ahead of time).

The yarn is Chickadee from the new yarn company Quince & Co. It is so soft, the colors are to die for, and I loved working with it. The yarn is, as far as I can tell, a worsted spun yarn, meaning the fibers are all aligned nicely and it has a very boing-y quality to it. It is very stretchy and delicious and plump.

The trouble with a worsted spun yarn is that it doesn’t have a tendency to stick to itself like a woolen spun (Shetland style) yarn does.  I used steeks, all the while knowing that the yarn isn’t as felty as I like it to be when using steeks.  I reinforced my steek using the crochet method and I’m not too worried about it, but the yarn is not ideal for steeking.

Still, I love this little vest to pieces. I think I’ll make one for Jerry* and write up the pattern.

*Jerry assured me that, while he doesn’t necessarily want a vest, he will “wear it for pictures”. Good boy.

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  1. Ah, this kills me. I love it. Seriously, sometimes I think you are READING MY MIND, or I am reading yours, or something. It is quite spooky! I also see that you began one row of diamonds before the armholes (I considered this, and really wish I’d done this now), and curiously, I also had some steeking issues, as I too am using a less sticky yarn than my usual. Wish I’d used a crocheted reinforcement. I love how that extra couple of stitches in your diamonds makes them resolve themselves into larger, shaded squares. . . my smaller diamonds have a zigzag-like appearance. . . so satisfying to knit. Looking forward to modeled pics!

  2. So cute! Those colors are so perfect with that diamond pattern! What a sweet vest. I would totally wear that vest in my size and NOT just for pictures :)

  3. Your poor sister…. Weren’t you knitting her something? :)

    Love the finished vesty. The diamonds on the bottom are 3-D, though you can’t really tell that from these pictures.

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