45 seconds

Everyone has their little knitting quirks, don’t they? Little things they do a certain way that no matter what anybody says, they stick with it for some reason or other.

I’m a “set of 5” dpn kinda knitter. When I watch people knit a whole sock on a set of 4 dpns it makes me uneasy.  WHY would you want to do that? But I know it’s just a thing. It’s not wrong, or bad for your health or anything.  I just really, really like 5 dpns.
To my surprise, I recently decided that, although I knit the majority of my toe-up sock on a set of 5 dpns, I would knit the ribbing (or whatever comes above the heel) on a set of 4.  Why?

To save time.

I have not calculated exactly how much time I save by abandoning one of my needles to finish the ribbing on my sock, but it must be at least 45 seconds. On each sock! Thats, like, three minutes of extra knitting time every year!

Yea, a little quirky. What is your knitting quirk?

6 thoughts on “45 seconds

  1. heh! i know this kind of entrenchment in ideas. i knit socks on magic loop, but always switch to dpns for the heel and gusset.

  2. It’s not my quirk, but a friend of mine knits her socks inside out. Instead of having the working fabric right in front of her, she keeps the working fabric behind everything else and thus pushes the sock inside out to still work in stockinette. It’s definitely quirky.

  3. That’s so funny, I’ve never though of it that way. For me it was always normal to use 5 needles. But I can see the benefit of using 4 for the heel or other areas. Interesting.

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