Heartless Wristers

Give me a pile of wool, and I’m a happy girl. There are days I think I need nothing more. Then along comes a yarn like Baby Alpaca Grande.

Have you knit with this yarn yet? It’s butter, and that’s all there is to say. Absolute butter. The Heartless Hat and Wristers are knit with Baby Alpaca Grande. They feature many, many bobbles.

The hat has bobbles over half of the brim, with garter stitch along the other half. The decreases are centered double decreases, which produce pleasing straight lines to the tip-top of the hat.

Heartless Hat

You can knit this hat as long or as short as you like. I knit this one to fit my model, but I might knit it longer (and with GREEN) when I make one for myself.

The wristers are so cool, you wanna know why? They fit like a dream and they have no thumbs and there are bobbles. There is shaping and ribbing to give these bobble-adorned babies a snug fit.

Heartless Wristers

I’ve heard from a few test knitters that at first, these wristers seem like they’ll take forever with all those bobbles. But they knit up surprisingly fast.  And the texture! Oh, the texture.


There’s a backside view of the shaping and ribbing. You wear the wide part closest to your fingers so it can snug over part of your hand to keep you toasty. Old CB radio optional.

Heartless Wristers

Learn more about the Heartless Hat & Wristers:
Heartless pattern details on my blog.
Heartless pattern page on Ravelry.

About The Red Collection

The Red Collection has 12 patterns for hats and matching mittens (or mitts, or wristers). This is a self-published book and I’ve been working on these patterns, photographs, book design, and marketing for the last year!

The Print Edition of the book can be pre-ordered now, and will ship in October.

Please note: The Print Edition includes special sections on yarn, gauge, and finishing, and also has a special techniques section to help you knit the projects from the book. These sections are not included in digital versions of the patterns.

Ways to Get The Red Collection

For the best price per pattern, please consider purchasing the complete collection of patterns. The digital versions of the patterns are available for instant download (click the links below for more details).

The Red Collection: Print Edition – $20 + shipping
The Red Collection: Print Edition + Complete Digital Pattern Pack – $23 + shipping
The Red Collection: Complete Digital Pattern Pack – $20
Single Pattern or 2-Pattern Pack – from $6

Just want Heartless? Use these links:

heartless pack heartless hat heartless wristers
Pattern Pack: $9 Heartless Hat: $6 Heartless Wristers: $6

We’ll get to the rest of The Red Collection soon!

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