Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency Mittens

Of all the patterns in The Red Collection, I think Radio Frequency is the one I’m most proud of. I had a snowflake concept to begin with, and it didn’t work. Normally when I have a design that isn’t working, I hide it and forget about it. But this one I needed to get right.


This picture (above) shows the progression. The first mitten I knit is shown at the bottom. It was a combination of the thumb giving me trouble, the cuff design being off, and something about the snowflakes that made me rethink the whole mitten. But on the palm side of that first mitten were the zigzags, and they were on the second mitten, too, and I finally had to admit that the zigzags were the awesome part.

The name comes from the idea that the zigzags looks like radio waves? I don’t know. Give me a break. I stink at naming my patterns. I had this image in my mind. Maybe I should have named the pattern “radio tower.”


Both the mittens and the hat have braids; a neat and tidy edge is created. Have you knit a braid before? They’re pretty fun.

Radio Frequency Mittens

Radio Frequency Hat

The hat has a little slouchiness to it, which is accomplished by slow decreases to the top. And then there’s the pompom. Can you believe it’s the only pompom in the whole book? For my next book, my main goal is More Pompoms. I mean, c’mon! Pompoms are my thing!

Radio Frequency Hat

This concludes the posts about the patterns in the book. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! As usual, all the deets about ordering your copy are below. I’ll be taking pre-orders for a few more weeks at least. Thank you!

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About The Red Collection

The Red Collection has 12 patterns for hats and matching mittens (or mitts, or wristers). This is a self-published book and I’ve been working on these patterns, photographs, book design, and marketing for the last year!

The Print Edition of the book can be pre-ordered now, and will ship in October.

Please note: The Print Edition includes special sections on yarn, gauge, and finishing, and also has a special techniques section to help you knit the projects from the book. These sections are not included in digital versions of the patterns.

Ways to Get The Red Collection

For the best price per pattern, please consider purchasing the complete collection of patterns. The digital versions of the patterns are available for instant download (click the links below for more details).

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  1. I am definitely going to need to make these for myself! And I’m right there with you on the braid love. It’s just so magical – you’re doing something that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, then you do that thing the other way and then what? You have a BRAID?! Love it.

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