Steeks and Stones

It was a cold, March morning in 2009 when I received the craziest email ever. The email that made me think maybe I was still asleep. Maybe I was dreaming. The email was from Debbie Stoller, and I thought NO WAY. The Debbie Stoller who wrote that book I borrowed from my friend, then bought for myself because I couldn’t keep borrowing it over and over? The Debbie Stoller whose words and pictures and patterns taught me to knit, but even more, taught me to love knitting? The Debbie Stoller?!?!?! Yes, indeed.

She had come across my blog, which at the time had a picture of my latest project:

I was knitting a cardigan for Jerry. It had steeks, and it just so happened that Debbie Stoller was looking for a steeked project for her upcoming book about advanced knitting techniques. She asked if I would write the pattern, finish the sweater, and send it to her. In a week.

How could I turn that down? (Well, I suppose there could have been many reasons to turn it down, but I had so many other reasons to just say yes.) So I finished the sweater, wrote the pattern and sent it to Debbie Stoller. Here are some in-progress shots that I took.

Before cutting the front steek (the green down the front is crocheted):

The sleeves almost killed me, but I worked it out:

And some finished pictures before I sent the sweater to Debbie Stoller.

The successful sleeves:

The inside, after tacking down the facings of the steeked edge (before the zipper went in):

And the sweater, on the front porch (also before the zipper):

Here’s a six-year-old Jerry modeling his sweater.

The back of the neck has some garter stitch short rows for shaping:

Jerry loved it, and even though I received replacement yarn to knit my own (Debbie Stoller gets to keep the original) I have not knit it for him yet. I really should!

Here’s the picture from the book:

Image copyright Debbie Stoller

I think it looks great! That boy is no Jerry, but he is still pretty cute.

I’m going to do another post in the coming week that will showcase some of the other patterns in the book. The publisher has agreed to let me do a giveaway, too! So check back for your chance to win!

Note: Not all of the patterns are listed in Ravelry yet, but here’s the page: Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller.

Buy it from Amazon.
Buy it from Workman.

More info about the Steeks and Stones sweater on Ravelry.

15 thoughts on “Steeks and Stones

    • Well done on the crochet, I’m glad Stoller explians properly, means I might finally learn to crochet too. The scarf looks nice too.Secret knitting project? What happened to I will finish Arisaig before anything else , hmmm? Sounds interesting anyway!

  1. Fabulous sweater! I saw it as a new pattern on Ravelry this morning, and had to favourite it. I will definitley be knitting this for my nephew when he’s old enough to love it (he’s only 9 months right now…)

  2. That sweater is made of awesome! I saw the pics on Ravelry and thought, “I MUST make that for Young’un!” (love your solution for the sleeves!).

  3. Hi Mandy – I’ve been reading your blog for years, but haven’t ever commented before. So, I feel like I know you even though I don’t. At all. However, I felt inclined to comment today, because I wanted to express a) how cool that cardigan is and b) Jerry looks GREAT in the picture and (no offense to Model Boy at all – he’s very cute) he looks WAY cuter than the kid in the published photo. Can’t wait to see the final pattern… I think I know the perfect recipient for it! Oh, and many thanks for years of great blogging. Your blog has always been one of my favorites.

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